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Summer!  We always know when summer is here, first schools are out then Club Nautique opens it’s river bar, and here you will find the young rowers who begin their training for the Muletta races in August.  But before that the club begins to wake, you pass there and see people in the boat yard checking the boats, the swimming pool area is being tidied up, and you find yourself looking towards the big doors just incase they are open. But they will stay closed until the summer holidays, ah well, still it’s the memories that sustain you.  Of nights sat under the awaning chilled wine or beer in hand watching the girls and boys row these large traditional wooden boats up and down the river where the flow is a very fast 6knots.  Somthing they do with an ease that belies the hard work and dedication it takes to move these boats. 

Although the boys are the predominant numbers there are a few girl crews and make no mistake, they are as committed and very very capeable of moving these boats.  We have watched them over the years and they are getting more and more confident each summer, so we look forward to seeing them do well this year.   

We were a little saddened last year when for some reason the younger generation did not stay at the bar as long as they normally do.  It is their chatter and sense of fun that I like, memories of my sailing days.  

Club Nautique it’s self is the equivelent of an English sailing club, except that the boats are mulletas, not dinghies the river here is a bit too dangerous with under currents, back eddies and other nasties out in the middle.  The local chlidren swim in the shore parts jumping from the jetty generally having fun.   

Then there is the tranquility of the river, of sitting under the awning relaxing as you look out over the flowing river, seeing the occasional fish jumping or a duck sailing around in the back water; or watching kiacs arriving on the far bank or the house martins teaching their young to hunt insects you can’t beat it. With a drink in hand and my old (sorry) sailing partner talking sometimes or just resting in each others company it is perfect.

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A Very Pleasant Evening

It is surprising what you find when you go out in Mora De Ebro, take last Friday for instance we were told about a music session at the Cellar Bar and duly turned up for it the music was gentle Spanish, part folk, part popular and was enjoyed by everyone Spanish and English alike unfortunately it was not on long enough. There was an advert for a folk/blues evening on Sunday so we went. This was given by some of the English ex-pats and a wide range of songs and music were sung and played. Again a very pleasant evening and we look forward to more of the same. We met some very nice and interesting people so coming down off our mountain does pay dividends.

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I have always been interested in sailing and Naval History, and knowing this my sister gave me books on the subject for birthday and christmas presents – for which I am grateful having enjoyed them very much.  However, I felt there was a gap in that area and began toying with the idea of writing myself having had ideas going round in my head for some time.

The turning point came from an article I had read in a newspaper, a literary critic was complaining that although the books she had read contained romance they were `sedate´. Yes there were hints of sex but no actual sex, that is when I decided to start writing and put some sex alongside action, blood and guts; with sailors who had the money, setting up mistresses. All this existed and is well documented in history even to the point of women being on board the sailing ships with a small number impersonating crewmen fighting and dying along side them. There were also births on board all of whom were recorded and  added to the ships muster, such was the way in the  Royal Navy during the 17th, 18th and early 19th century.  So I started to write and Jason, the times and people in his life  were born, I hope you enjoy it.

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Looking back, this weather we´ve had has not been to bad after all it has kept the wasps and other nasties at bay. However, as with all things it comes to an end and the other evening as I was cleaning the sun loungers on the terrace along came this wasp and stung my hand needless to say I made sure it died. 

My hand came up like a balloon plus there was no sensation in it my wife wanted me to go to the hospital but I declined that option not being a lover of doctors or hospitals. What I cannot understand is last year I was stung by hornets I received around 18 to 20 stings and although they hurt I did not suffer to badly I certainly did not have to go to hospital but just one wasp sting and I had a very unpleasant reaction.  However it has now gone down and the poison has come out, and the feeling is back thank goodness. 

The other morning I noticed there is a large hole just above the Tulip garden, where I thought I saw a claw just inside. Thinking I might just go and clout it with the  sharp  edge of a shovel – mmm.. perhaps not descretion could  well be the better part of common sense- scorpions are big here!!!!!

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what a week

Well it certainly has been different here normally at this time of year its hot, sunny and the beach calls. But nearly everyday last week it rained; not that its not welcome as we normally have to have water delivered,  but where the rain is concerned things dont always go our way, you can watch the clouds gather darken and thicken over us then woosh they are off to empty themselves somewhere else. However, last week did end on a high. Sunday middayish we visited the local cherry festival in Miravet, sun was shining plenty of people about and we were looking forward to the paella,  saw friends and spent a pleasent time sitting and talking so were relaxed when we joined the que for our paella. You meet some interesting people while queing the conversation is varied and intesting plus talking helps pass the time.  Eventually we had our food and found somewhere to sit at the end of a long table. The paella was traditional country fare all meat no seafood accompanied by wine and plenty of cherries – what else. By the time the meal was over and everthing had been cleared away we were so relaxed that we decided a siesta was preferable to hanging around for one or two hours waiting for the band to begin so we left. Thats the only problem with local fiestas the gap between events and dancing can be too long we oldies tend to get tired. On the way home I noticed the weather was changing and big thick dark clouds were forming, by the time the casa was reached there was a nice thunderstorm plenty of water so our cisterna is almost full which to us is worth a lot. Happy people now!

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