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Rosie oh Rosie why can’t I get to review your two books
Rosie oh Rosie I can not find the way to write my thoughts
I go to the right site and take a real good look
But still I find I cannot write about these two good books

Rosie oh Rosie what am I now supposed to do
Rosie oh Rosie they are so good it’s almost untrue
They’ve been sitting by my bedside and been read through and through
Just like a kid I think they’re great but what am I to do

Rosie oh Rosie please tell me so that I can get to write
Rosie oh Rosie my review is gathering dust and that’s not right
Kelvyn will be old and grey before I get this done
Thats not fair to him or me we both like to have fun

Rosie oh Rosie please answer this poor writers plea and then
Rosie oh Rosie I will be a much happier man


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A Moral Distance.

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A Purple Heron Lift-off

It’s lovely on the nature reserve at this time of year, I had heard about the storks but never actually been to see them for myself.  Then a friend took my wife to see it, she came back with all sorts of information and photographs that eventually I went with her to see for myself.  The nature reserve is in Flix, and runs along the river bank towards Riba-roja d’Ebre where they have now made a driveable road from the bridge at Riba-roja to Flix.

Entering from Flix you drive alongside the river for a while then come across the nature reserve information centre.  A small building where you can find as much information, literature as you want, see displays and purchase souvenirs, outside are covered parking places plus places for the disabled this is a well thought out reserve.  It is staffed by friendly, welcoming people, who are not only eager to get people interested in the reserve and nature, but also encourage people to come back plus all the written information is available in several languages.  Groups are welcome there are even guided tours in a horse-drawn cart so you can see the reserve  more easily.

Hidden behind the centre are the two hides. To get to them you walk along a path then raised duck boarding, this offers you views of the reeds, wild waterside flowers and trees. On the left you find the first hide, this overlooks a small marshy area surrounded by reeds with water running through. The best time to visit here is autumn through to spring, as the reeds are not tall enough to hide the view.  But even in early summer there is still plenty to see, if, you are patient.

The second hide is at the end of the duck board. This is facing a wide area of water, reeds and marsh. Here can be seen Purple Heron, King Fishers, Mallard, Osprey, Black Kite and if, our birding friend tells us, you are really lucky a Bittern or Spoonbill plus many more.  Then turning back to the Centre, you can walk along the road for about 3k  to the Storks,  if you have difficulty in walking long distances you can drive there. But either way do go slowly or you will miss an awful lot.

The Storks

Each year I stand and watch the humans as they wander by, ohhing and ahhing as they look at others flying in the sky.

I can see from here to there and watch my mate our nest repair, our neighbours stand tall and still.

With only the clacking of their bills, they talk and comment on the humans with their cameras poised.

School children adults some making lots of noise, but here I stand still as a stork my name Lork the Stork.

From our nests we scan the ground to see if danger is around, then off we fly in search of food to feed our mate or hungry brood.

The humans here provide nest sites and we build them here at certain heights, on one a camera can be found so they can see us breed.

How we rear our chicks and feed them, watch them grow who slowly turn from bundle of snow into a graceful fully fledged bird.

Then at the end when we depart all thats left are nests high on the perches until next season when we’re back our talking bills going clack clack clack.

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The News

The News.

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Dobe do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da, da  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet. I’m sitting here singing my song, come and sing along tweet tweet tweet.  I watched this play in the middle of the day,  who do we need NEST BUSTERS.
 Dobe do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet
When your watching a man knocking bricks from a wall, who you gonna call   NEST BUSTERS

Theres a nest in there from a Blue Tit pair  who you gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

He stopped and looked and got the stare  who you gonna call   NEST BUSTERS

Dode do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da,  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet

The parents come and the parents go who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

Their little lad doesn’t want to know  who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

What he wants is his food all day  who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

There he sits in his nest in the bricks who they gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

To get him out they call and shout  definitely need   NEST BUSTERS

Cant get move that lad he’s fat that’s bad  who they gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

Dode do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da,  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet

Now come on son out you come or I’m gonna call NEST BUSTERS

Got to learn to fly way up in the sky  I’m gonna call NEST BUSTERS

This wall of blocks is coming down so you gotta fly   NEST BUSTERS

Bobbin Robbin
Dangerous McGrew                 The Nest Busters

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In winter deep and underground we wake anew

    Poking our leaves through tepid earth

We push our way into a cold world

  Sometimes there is frost around or a heavy dew

But on we go our growth renewed

All through winter into spring we spread our new leaves

Fed by the winter’s sun watered by the heavy dew

 On we grow we gallant few growing fast we make a crown

With rosette shaped leaves it leaves the ground

On leafy stems we start to grow with heads held high

Taking the flowers towards the sky we stretch and grow it is such fun

           Now with bowed heads in a state of grace we lift our blooms to face the sun

        A breather first before we’re done then each bloom begins to to bend

Now one by one we open out our trumpets white and proud

Our perfume is taken on the breeze to scent the evening air

Here we stand in drifts of white a delight for all to see

In open ground or in the trees we sway and to the movement of the breeze

So here we stand in drifts and clouds of perfumed white

Eventually we fade our show is done now we return to earth to rest

To sleep, replenish and renew till winter returns and calls anew

Then we awake and grow for next year is another show

(c) C A Bosc

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The Worlds Hottest Destination.

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