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Horris the Hungry Horse

Horris the Hungry Horse.

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Bee Orft!!!

Bee Orft!!!.

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Bad Piggy”s

Bad Piggy”s.

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An Open Letter to Richard Branson.

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We are watching top gear, and just seen the new beamer.  I can tell you now that we were going to Reuse and going through the pass the new beamer covered in black plastic passed us in our 4×4.  All we could see were the lights.

However when we PASSED it guess who was driving the STIGS Catalunian cousin!

We know it was him he was wearing huge dark glasses and a very curly black wig. Plus when we were at the traffic lights he forgot he was doing a test drive and did a wheel spin.

He he he the things we see.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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