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This is a mixed news letter, firstly I’ll deal with us.  We have the flu!  Not such a big deal you might think but when I literally cannot stop sneezing and have pulled my ribs doing so it is not good.  So my wife went into town two days ago and got some antibiotics for me and some cough medicine for herself.  It has been two old sods shuffling around looking after each other living off cups of tea, as neither of us were hungry.   Today we are feeling a little better and that’s all I’ll say about that.  So to the real news.




Well I know that summer is officially over. The other morning we were woken by the “where’s our water”tweeting of the blue tits who have just returned.   Peace up here is no more. So it was no surprise when we were having coffee to see a bird hovering over the water bar before flying into the tree.  He did this several times before actually landing and taking a bath.  It was then I saw the crest Dangerous Dan had returned as bossy as ever now the only one missing is Bobbin Robin. Boris never left us but in the summer when the weather is really hot he along with most of the others take to the shade of the forest.  They are not currying favours with my wife just now as she was sitting outside in the ff zone listening to the olives dropping off the tree onto her garden, when I heard a shout of “Oi you little sods stop that!”  I went to investigate and she said that Dan along with Elsie and the others were picking the olives off the tree and dropping them on her garden. Well, how I stopped from laughing I don’t’ know, but as I watched they continued to do it.  Now we are picking the olives out of the garden and putting them aside for the birds in winter.


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The butterflies are out and some are really large, brownish in colour with striking markings they flutter by potted plants next to the fly free zone (FFZ) looking for water whilst on the netting of the FFZ preying mantis and large grasshoppers lurk it is becoming a regular little restaurant for them.



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This is the garden wall that the pigs knocked over one night.  The bit in front of the water bottles is made up of heavy stones, well rocks actually, so it was no mean feat to knock it over.  We never heard a thing so I MUST GET A CAMERA….   It is made from the same stone my wife used to build the wall of the tree garden which looks really good.   Yes that is an old loo sitting on the end  she planted a lemon scented geranium in it to turn it into an unusual planter.   The roses in the photograph are looking a little rough but most of this is due to the wasps who have been munching on the leaves to make their nests. Although she has sprayed them nothing seems to work  has anybody any ideas?   The bush in front is dead, I think, and she would like a few more in there so come December I shall be rose hunting nice xmas pressie.


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This is our Fly Free Zone nothing elaborate just a simple covered place we can sit away from the biting flies which can give you a nasty bite.   It is also the place where I write and we sit in the evenings watching the birds and animals that come by. Because the netting is dark they cannot see us here as long as we are still.  The other week we were watching and a small rat wandered by.  Not one of the large town ones but just as scary.  Every farm has one or two and now we know we have one as well, mind you how long it lasts up here will depend on how fast it can run.  Birds of prey and snakes are its biggest problem.


Ok that’s it for now, more news next week.


(C) Michael Douglas Bosc










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