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Too Big To Save??.

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Formula One Decisions.

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I tought I tought a Puddytat a creeping up on me  I DID I saw a Puddytat plain as he could be…….

DSCF4900 (640x514)


I have been on about Puddytat the wild cat that has adopted us and our Finca.  Well finally I have some pictures only not of Puddytat himself who is larger with white tufts on his ears but this character who my wife calls “Puddytat Jnr”.  Healthy, cocky and definitely not friendly to humans ( I am pleased to say he/she wont come near us) and there is my dilemma because I personally think he is a she….


DSCF4891 (640x494) DSCF4890 (640x480)

Anyway the other evening my wife was cooking chicken for tea and as I went into the kitchen I glanced sideways towards the door and there was Puddytat bold as brass looking to see if anything was in the offing.  We managed to get a couple of shots through the anti insect netting but the best one came from the sitting room back window. Not sure what he was looking at but as you can see he is completely at home.  Needless to say he had chicken later that evening, and don’t be fooled by his size he’s still growing and I can a sure you he has talons…

DSCF4883 (640x480) DSCF4881 (640x480) DSCF4880 (640x480) DSCF4879 (640x480)

I have mentioned several times about the rose garden and how they have (thanks to my nieces advice) put on a really good show this year. We planted them under the olive tree which – in our unwise wisdom – we thought would be good for shade from its overhanging branches.  My wife was talking to our niece and asked her advice – she’s a gardener – and it was suggested that we lop the branch open up the area giving the roses more sun. This we did and you can see they appreciated it.  Only two have not bloomed but hey the white one was dug up by the piggywigs and the other well we will see.   Thanks Sharon advice very much appreciated.

DSCF4429 (640x480)

Hang on I know that person from somewhere….  Needless to say getting old has its drawbacks one of which is recollection of people. As you can see from my expression I have to ask the wife how I know them or IF I know them.  We were sat outside one of the bars in town one evening when a car tooted whilst the occupants waved like mad as they whizzed past, being the only people there they obviously knew us. But do you think I could remember them? turned out they were petanca friends oh boy I must be getting old.


DSCF4219 (640x480) DSCF4225 (640x480) DSCF4318 (640x480) DSCF0094 (640x480)

Now the town has closed the access to Club Nautique for construction work.  They are building a ‘cantilever walkway’ out over the river so no cars are allowed down there and pedestrians can only access the club IF they have a card saying they live in the road.  Well its mid May and the club opens at the end of the month so it will be interesting to see what happens.  It wont affect us as we can drive along the river road and park on the club side, but how they will get the boats in back and forth for the races they attend in other places is going to be really challenging. Will keep you posted on that one.   As for those traffic lights and the one way system they put into place didn’t work so they have taken them away and we go up and down the cliff like before and as there are passing places so fary so goody.

Well today was local election day so I went to vote.  Very different from the UK, you get lists of names for the council – there were three – then after registering you take one list and an envelope  fold the list up place it in the envelope seal it then pop it in the ballot box.  All this is done under the eyes of 7 people who, if asked, tell you the procedure but will not aid you or touch the paper or envelope easy really.   So after that we have retired to the café for a coffee and lemon tea.


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How Many Crooks Steal My Books????.

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20150330_105502 (640x480)

Well Mother nature has finally flicked the switch IT’S HOT!!!!!!!  up here its been in the low to middle 30° for a few days now, so much so that we have been sleeping without a blanket or duvet which can only mean summers here.  It has been getting so hot that even sitting in the fly free zone under the shade has been impossible to do in comfort, so now we shut the shutters to keep the sun out and the inside cool so far it works. Mind you we have had some spectacular cloud formations and sunsets plus the mornings when we wake to find a heavy dew that enables me to take a cloth and basically wash the car.



So to the ‘gang’.  The other morning when I was sitting in the fly free zone  I heard a cookcoo, first time I have heard one up here. It was over in the south field in one of the trees so although I could hear it and get its position I could not see it.  But it reminded me of the nursery rhyme “the cookcoo comes in April sings its song in May in the middle of June it changes its tune in July it flies away“.  The  ‘gang’ have been busy visiting the water bars (there are now two of those now)  and squabbling as usual but are very mindful of the wild cat that’s around here. So I have taken the opportunity to lop the olive tree turning it into a ‘topiary’ style tree on two of the stumps but I have left one with branches for the birds so they have plenty of food in the winter and somewhere to search for bugs etc.  The tree produces an awful lot of olives which drop early so are no good for oil but good for the birds.  We have also seen a few larks around the forest and the odd wren so at least the bird life is picking up again.


20150422_111715 (640x480) DSCF4821 (640x480) DSCF2434 (640x480)[1] DSCF4762 (640x480) 3A4E1C57 (640x387)[1] 20140725_201157 (640x346) 20140616_190004 (640x480) DSCF4351 (640x480) DSCF2939 (640x480)


DSCF4225 (640x480) DSCF2244 (640x480)[1] DSCF2330 (640x480) DSCF4429 (640x480)  003[1]                   20150514_110202 (640x480) 20150514_110219 (640x480)

My wife has been sorting out her photos putting them on discs to make more space on her machine.  It is surprising what you find when you do that, there was a lot of oh look at this, and do you remember that going on.  She decided to put all the petanca, birds, Club Nautique photos on disc because she found her laptop was going slow there were over 2,000 photos and it took her a whole morning at home to get it done. Here are just a few of our favourite ones:

As you can see from the last two photos Bar Turu has re-opened under the new management, one of Ramon’s daughters and her family have taken it over. It has been  nicely decorated and is airy, light plus the restaurant has been lifted by the mural on the back wall.  One thing I am glad of is that it has wifi, so now we can come here sit work then have a good meal without having to move.



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Election Fodder.

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Election Fodder.

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