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Ummm  uhh  dam alarm clock, suppose I’d better get up or they will moan again.  Oh my head, that’s the last time I go on a universe pub crawl with Mars and Jupiter, we would have been ok if we hadn’t met up with the moon.  Boy can he drink, do you know he drank so many bloody Mary’s he turned red, had such a job getting him back to normal gave earth a fright.

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Ok, ok I’m getting there for goodness sake Weather put the kettle on. Let me see now what is today supposed to be? Oh yes, starting off cloudy then gradually let the sun through.  Weather you got that kettle on yet? I really need my coffee!  Now where was I…. oh yes last night, anyway we all ended up in the nebula bar everyone was there – well it seemed like it – boy was there a crush.  We made thunder sit outside with lightning someone told a joke and they started laughing bolts and water went everywhere, don’t like lightning much he’s a really flash git.

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Weather where’s my coffee I’m going to be late and you know how that affects my day.  Mmmmm I can smell the aroma from here is that Interstellar coffee beans you’re using?  Oh yesssss feeling much better soon be up and running.  Thank you Weather off you go now, remember your somewhere over the mountains this morning not on the plains.  Right I’ll just pour myself another cuppa get dressed then I’ll be off.

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‘Morning Cloud how’s things today?’   ‘Hi Dawn like your dress pink and blue suit you have a good time last night?’  ‘Sort of tell you all about it at break. Don’t forget your supposed to hang around here for a couple of moon beams then off towards the sea’  ‘Right you are, oh and I heard that Moon was well out on the sauce, funny how he turns red every so often still that’s Moon for you’.


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Well the gardening is going strong this is one of the bulb gardens my wife built, the stones are there to hopefully deter Puddytat from using it as a toilet.   He is still here little devil woke me the other morning chasing breakfast in the wood shed which is behind the bedroom.  I could hear this noise and wondered what was going on so took a look and there he was along with a smaller version which, I presume, is his mate.  No kittens here matey!!!!


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Its been a long time since we ventured west to Terra Alta, so this afternoon being fine and warm we decided to visit the wine celler at Corbera d’Ebre.  This time of year is a busy one the grape harvest is in full swing. It’s now that you see the tractors pulling trailers loaded  with grapes along the roads to the various cellers to be pressed.  We arrived at Corbera late so having around 2 hours to wait we decided to take a trip up into the mountains.  We drove along winding roads through passes then down from Terra Alta to the valley turned west again and headed back up into the mountains along more winding roads and another pass.

Along the way we followed a mechanical grape picker on its way to harvest yet another field, saw tractors with trailers parked in vine fields ready to start work after lunch.  Most of the grapes are grown on short stubby vines which have to be picked by hand, hard but rewarding work.  We stopped off in Gandesa for a drink and as we sat by the road, the Moto GP 2 support lorries drove past on their way to Aragon.  Back at the Celler which was now open we bought some wine and nuts then headed back to town.


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During the week I was over our other terraces and noticed this tree growing with strange fruit, so I asked my wife if she knew what it was.  Having posted it on FB she was informed it was a Strawberry Tree, neither of us had heard of it before so when we went to petanca we took two of the fruit with us.  It turned out it is a local tree and you can eat the fruit as long as its red.  The fruit has a nobly outside which made me wonder if it was a type of Lychee, but it has pips inside so I wont be the one eating it not saying who will though…  so guess who’s been lined up to dig up the two young ones we found and plant them on the lower level????  ooooh me back doctor…..

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Now if anything says anything about how things go up here this plant does.  It is supposed to stand erect and the flowers hang down like bells.  It self seeds so we can expect a few plants from it.  But I digress, as you can see from the photos it has decided that it prefers laying down and spreading to standing upright.  The flowers are doing fine, however, the large white bell shapes stand up instead  of hanging down but it does not seem to mind.  When it was planted it seemed to struggle a little so my wife put it next to a lemon Geranium and it took off, seems it likes company.  So when its finished flowering and the leaves have gone she is going to trim the geranium then put a support under the plant in the hope that next year it will get it right – yeh???


So it has been a fairly quiet week really, I went into Reus to collect my driving licence, then shopping and finally school. Two hours of learning Spanish and as of next week its twice a week, next term its 3 hrs a day……. anyway I do enjoy it.


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Think, Think About

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New Beds and Tiles

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The stones on the bulb bed are supposed to deter the wild cats…

Well summer is over, yes it is!  The fiesta has been and gone, most of the bars in town are shut – they made that much money? – and when THAT happens you know the summers ended.  Oh of course the sun still shines but it starts to get colder and when the schools open again next week you will see jackets on people, this is country life our style.  So whilst the weather has been grey and wet my wife has been in the garden building new bulb beds, weeding and laying a small patio around the washing line.  No it’s not hard work, we have some old floor tiles lying around the finca and she has made use of them.  They won’t be stood on so they shouldn’t break but they will keep the weeds down as well as making that part of the garden look nice and tidy.

To the side she has started to make a violet and miniature bulb rockery, and has built a wall behind the lilies and gladioli with some large stones she found in her ‘quarry’ (where the large pine tree used to be).  I heard a lot of shouting the other day and on investigation found my wife yelling ‘not that way or not there you stupid rock’ as the stones she slid down the slope kept going – she had forgotten the law of inertia – anyway, these are now in place so the small natural wall is finished I think!!

On the pump house side I suggested that she brought the ground level up to the height of the cisterna then she could plant bulbs in there.  So when we were in Bauhaus the other day she bought a 70ltr bag of compost more gladioli bulbs but forgot the black bags for the weed suppressant. As for me I have cleared out the ‘potting’ shed and tidied  my work bench,  laid a better floor in there just little jobs I had been putting off.  I didn’t realise how much small ‘might come in useful’ stuff we had hoarded so a trip to the skip was made and now you can walk into the area with plenty of room.

More Piggywigs

HUNT0058 HUNT0060 HUNT0059

I seem to have found the right place for this camera, we have several shots of this family but I would like a good one of the boar.  Every time I fetch it in to check the photos we get excited like children at Christmas the disappointment when there are no pictures is very real. We love our wildlife, and all we need now are shots of the goats.


Back To School

As I have said summer is over and school starts again next week, so I have been trying to get the book I will need for this term.  I just couldn’t get a copy anywhere, but the clever clogs I’m married to found the ISBN number and ordered it from the bookshop in town and picked it up this week.  She also bought me a new writing pad and pens – feel like I’m back to junior school – with strict instructions that these are for school not writing my stories in. Oh and yes I have my ‘satchel’….


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Party Like The Moon

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Now you may well be wondering what this has to do with fiestas, well as we are involved it has everything to do with it.   I have forgotten a little bit where I’ve got up to with the news so if I repeat myself its old age and late hours……

DSCF5210 (640x480)First there was the Petanca social in town so we went to that if you remember ham is very nice, we were home around 3 pm this time.

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Then we went to the seaside and found their fiesta going strong with fair ground and bands, we got home around 2am .


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Then we had a small party at the Petanca club which meant we played a few games I won a small bag of goodies then we sat down to eat under the flood lights.  All in all a very pleasant evening, we got home around midnight.

But our annual visit into town for the correfoc meant that in true Garcia style we wound up getting home at 3am.  This is a big night in town as they close the streets, set up stages for the bands and shows. Then tables come out in front of bars and restaurants, chairs are put for people to sit and watch the shows and a dance area is made. Lights are on, bunting is hung, bands are ready and everything begins.  We always go to the river bar which is run by Ramon’s youngest daughter. Here there was a singer, all the songs were from the 80/90’s, and the minute the correfoc was over he started and we were dancing.

There are no pictures of this event as we were with friends and dancing plus with so many people about it was not practical. But I can say that when our friends left around 2am – they had been travelling for most of the day –  we danced on.   Two happy but tired people who wended their way through the crowds towards their car and home.

It Rained – Honest!!

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You will have gathered by now that the weather and climate change in our valley has been one of my oft mentioned gripes.   I look at the weather outside, watch the weather on tv and wonder why the hell they don’t match up.  The weather chart shows a cloud with rain coming from it and out of the window I see…. sun ….  So having said my usual “oh look it going to be sunny” bit to my wife I decided we would go to the club for a few games then on to the coast.  Then along comes the clouds!  “you going to take in the cushions?” I asked “no we’ve seen it all before, dark clouds no rain” came the reply so off we set.  We were playing nicely when the first rumble was heard then a few flashes, game ended just as the rain came.  “where the hell did this lot come from it certainly wasn’t forecast” was heard from the lady running ahead of me.  So we headed for the coast by which time it was really raining parked up and went for a coffee.  I didn’t fancy driving around in this lot so we headed home as we came out of the pass we could see – wait for it – sunshine….  It had rained and yes the cushions were soaking but the garden looked refreshed and the forest smelt renewed. So that’s about it, I will have to make sure I write about our adventures as they happen otherwise I forget or repeat myself, the  weed killing – no that’s for next time.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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