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I am not a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn too much of a pacifist for my liking, however he is playing the EU referendum very well. Criticised by the  Tory press for not supporting the Prime Minister…

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The Garden



IMG_0317 (640x480)

Ok I will start with the garden as I have spent long wasted hours trying to get it organized in between bouts of a bad cold, so I finally gave in and decided to design the back garden with the help from Sir. We have almost finished landscaping it – not grand just a simple design based on the shape – and now the daffs and tulips are beginning to come through. The Hyacinths are nearly over, edging plants planted so I can finish off the bits and pieces before the summer heat arrives.  These are wild daffs that grow in the forest, I rescued them from the digger about a year ago and they finally flowered this year.  Their perfume is really something for such little flowers.  As for the grape hyacinths  this one appeared in the pot please don’t ask how it just did but you can see how small they are and they are all over the place, another one I have to move when digging.


IMG_0318 (640x480)


I had a nice surprise when we visited our friends, my gardening mate said I have just the thing for you,  grows like wildfire and spreads so make sure you plant it only where you need it. Pretty little flower but it self-seeds so will have to watch it, but it will do very nicely and add some colour to the back garden.


IMG_0319 (640x480) IMG_0326 (640x480)

Now Euphorbia. I have been going on about these plants for ages how they are rampant up here so I thought I’d show what I mean.  The bush on its own is the one growing in the border behind the house and these others are at the entrance to the forest. I thought they looked good with the wood behind them, and yes I do know they are poisonous.  They are allowed to grow up here but if I have to move them I pull them up without breaking the stems so keeping the sap away. We have 5 different types from small heads to large double heads, but this is the first year I have seen such a display as above.

IMG_0322 (640x480) IMG_0321

Now for those of you who know these things I have a little task.  Above and below are photos were taken of two different plants one of which, I think, is Borrage what the other one is I do not know, but again they grow in abundance here. If anyone can tell me what they are I would be grateful.  I just let them go if they are in the garden as they make a nice display I collect seeds but I can’t sow them to early as the ants munch everything up here, bit like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

IMG_0324 (640x480) IMG_0323 (640x480)


The Birds


IMG_0312 (640x480) IMG_0311 (640x480)

We do not know who this is but he is light enough to sit on a piece of grass and only bend it.   I did think it was a Sky Lark as we have one or two up here,  what ever he is he’s welcome.   We have not seen our Robins this year but Boris Blackbird is going strong so is the little Wall Walker he nested under the little house roof again.  We have seen a Little Owl but not been able to get a photo yet, and today we saw our first Blue Tit. There are plenty of Great Tits about and we have heard the Nightingale, it woke Michael the other morning just before it got light. So I can say that the forest is gradually getting back to normal, although we haven’t seen any Wrens down the track we have seen them along the river road. I also have a secure place where I tip the unwanted seed when cleaning the Boys out and the wild birds go there.  I have noticed that there are green shoots growing so will be interesting to see what come of this.


The Boys

IMG_0071 (640x479)

Talking of which unfortunately we have no news on this front. They are still sitting but as we have been told by a breeder they are a young pair so they may not produce any young this time round.  We wondered if moving them in and out was disturbing them so we are in the process of sorting out the FFZ to make it more ‘Boys’ friendly, new netting and replacing the old roof then perhaps they will nest again and produce babies.  In the meantime they are still shouting and fighting over things. Calling to the other birds especially the Black Redstart.  But the funniest thing was when the song bird started singing they sat and listened no squawking or shouting they just sat there, wonderful. Oh and they will always be the Boys or Big Moma X and the Cooler King to me they are soooo funny.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc



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