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Chapter Seventeen

In the footsteps of Genghis Khan

Between them Ithis, Nick and David had finally agreed on their next target. It was to be the Deer stone monolith, situated south of Chatgai, near the town of Mörön in northern Mongolia. Using Nicolai’s vast number of contacts, plans were soon formulated for the journey to the small Mongolian town of Munku-Sardyk, just inside the previously disputed border with the former USSR, in the mountainous region of Sajan east of Irkutsk, where a guide would be waiting to take them to Chatgai. At last the party set off on their long drive south across country. Not wishing to draw unnecessary attention to themselves, they kept to the almost impassable tracks across the spine of the Sayan Mountains, avoiding all villages and towns along the way, with Kolya and Victor taking turns at the wheel.


After five tortuous weeks of…

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‘They seek you here  they seek you there  those MIB seek you everywhere  In a ‘land far far away’ on a planet on another day conspiracy came out to play.’ That is a rhyme to…

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Extract from an article by Author Olga Núñez Miret:

As some of you may know, apart from blogging , mostly about books , I am a writer and I translate books from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

A few months back and as part of a book fair I was asked to talk about translations and I prepared a few notes.

Although the full speech is a bit lengthy for a single post, I thought that in preparation for further interviews with author translating their books (and by the way, any authors who’ve had their books translated to Spanish, I’d be more than happy to share them in my blog after the summer. Just get in touch) I thought I’d share some of the thoughts I had on possible reasons to get one’s books translated.

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Why would…

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Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Extract from an article by Author RJ Crayton on Indies Unlimited Site:

For those new to Kindle publishing, questions often arise about the Kindle delivery cost. Some people aren’t sure what it is, who it affects, and if there’s a way to make it go away. Today, I’m going to give a quick overview of the fee and what it means to authors.

To find out more and get full details, click on the link or logo below:

What is the Kindle “Delivery Cost”


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Source: Thorny matters: Fair Play – why book fairs?

Fair Play – why book fairs?

I’ll be taking part in a small flurry of book fairs soon: The Rhondda, on September 3rd, Tenby  (which I am helping to organise) on September 24th, and Carmarthen on October 1st.

Tenby Book Fair 2015

To stand at a stall, offering my wares, might seem a very Mediaeval way of going about things in the days of internet ordering and e-books. Besides, what are bookshops for, if not to provide any book that anyone is looking for? Literary festivals like Hay, with big names addressing crowds of fans are all very well, but why bother with book fairs?

The reason is that for most of us authors, such events are the only occasions when we get to meet our readers in the flesh, to discuss our work and hear their opinion. We write for…

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Once Upon A Time     Once upon a time there lived an author named Michael who just had to write.  He had always wanted to write but until he retired he had no time. Work, sailing, naval history and…

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