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A View From Remain

I voted to remain in the EU, why? like most things, self interest, I live on a small Finca in Spain and my small pension gives me a decent life style, no luxury I can assure you but comfortable and everything seemed to be going along nicely so when the referendum was held I thought it was a foregone conclusion, the status quo would survive. When all of Wales voted leave I was shocked and when all the results had come in and only Scotland and London had voted in the majority to remain I was gobsmacked, I thought something has gone very wrong somewhere but then two general elections later and the vote was heavily confirmed, England and Wales in the majority hated the EU.

Why? People looked in retrospect at Ted Heaths government and felt he had given away too much without getting much in return, Harold Wilson did not like the EU or Common Market as it then was and held a referendum which voted to remain, but the view that Britain was always marginalised by the EU institutions and by the political elite continued, Britain has never had a person in a position of power within the organisation it has always been a member of European socialist community Germany, France, Benelux and Spain that is where the big hitters in Brussels come from and that is why the Tory party fell out of love with the EU. Philosophically they were two different animals and with majority voting starting to have an affect the divergence of attitudes was increasing, the socialist bloc in Strasbourg and socialist governments in many countries allied to a strong Socialist Bureaucracy in Brussels meant that the Tory party felt it was surrounded by enemies, it had no natural allies in power, as Poland and Hungary are finding out but they are extreme examples, when the EU was enlarged with eastern bloc countries the Tories thought they would find some friends but that has not been the case, they are all greedy and just see the money flooding in from Brussels they do not care where it originates from, when Tony Blaire opened the floodgates of eastern European migration he started a massive wave of anti EU sentiment and when Angela Merkel said Velkommen to millions of economic migrants from Asia and Africa I believe that was the final straw. The Dutch might understand that is a crowded country England especially is full to overflowing 55 million in a tiny country, people do not realise how small England is, Scotland is empty because nobody wants to live there, so much for devolution and a wonderful new world? If devolution was so good why does everyone want to live in England?

So that is my view, people talk about jingoism, longing for Empire or restoring power, perhaps a little of it all, but when a country feels it doesn’t belong, IT DOESN’T BELONG.

C Michael Douglas Bosc

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Throughout the course of human history famine has been a major factor in the economic and social development creating many changes but at the same time disease, war, bacteria, viruses and natural disasters also had major effects reducing the population and keeping it at a slow but steady growth. As education improved and with it the ability to alter the status quo, fresh water, sanitation, vaccination and medical practitioners in large numbers and suddenly in the blink of an eye the worlds population went from one billion to eight billion, more people, more famine.

Since WW2 famine was and is most prevalent in China and Africa, in Tigray province Ethiopia 1958, at the same time in China the Great Famine was just beginning and for the next four years millions of Chinese died, there wasn’t any Oxford Committee for Chinese famine relief they were left to die with nobody caring or even knowing and then to make matters worse Moa Zedong initiated the cultural revolution, destroying years of work and some prosperity the economy of China hit rock bottom, upon the death of Moa the gang of four continued his destructive policies until the arrival of Deng Xiaoping and as the old saying goes the rest is history with a mixture of one party control and capitalism China today is the second largest world economy bringing prosperity and a stable environment to the vast majority of the people, is it perfect? No. but you tell me which system could have achieved what they have achieved in forty five years.

Meanwhile in Africa most of the countries were throwing of the yoke off the white man as independence came to one country after another, we could argue for a thousand years about colonisation, Southern Africa would not be the place it is today without it, an empty area which today is populated with migrants from Central Africa and a great man maintained peace and stability there as everyone managed to compromise, but in the rest of Africa the old tribal conflicts awakened and one country after another descended into civil war and every year there is another famine and the NGO’s pile into the place telling them how to live their lives, how to govern themselves, there isn’t a one size fits all system, democracy doesn’t suit everyone, at least there are signs that African countries are starting to get fed up with NGO’s as being portrayed as starving beggars continually rattling their tins, they want to present themselves as developing economic entities who are achieving something, if they are left alone and not continually lectured too like some errant school children they might become an economy which is right for them, not the ex colonialists.

Michael Douglas Bosc

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