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1943 Anecdote

My  Mother was a very heavy smoker and as a consequence I was born with double pneumonia and spent my first six  months in Chingford fever hospital, dying, not dying.

Some years later she said to me “you were determined to  get me killed” I was somewhat taken aback by this statement, but she explained.

A policeman would arrive at the front door, no telephones in those days,  “He’s dying again” the policeman said, so my mother had to walk from Markhouse Road Walthamstow E17 to Chingford mount E4 every time I was dying

At this moment in time V1’s were falling on London and all around the capital were thousands of AA Guns firing at them as the Doodlebugs flew over, the shells exploded and all the shrapnel was falling down bouncing off the roads and my mother had to hide in porches and shop doorways to survive. That is what she meant.

The cigarettes eventually got her, a major heart attack when she was 57

I have enjoyed 77 bonus years having survived at the beginning.

Michael Biswell

Pen name Michael Douglas Bosc

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Most security services around the world have come to accept that Covid 19 is a Bio-terrorist attack from Wuhan. To believe that a virus accidently escaped from a bio-secure facility, or that a Pangolin infected an entire city is pure fiction. This could not happen in China without the knowledge and direction of the state organisations, fact, nothing happens in China unless the state authorises it.

Wuhan is a classic example of how to direct a Bio-attack if you are totally ruthless and we all know how ruthless the Chinese state organisations are.

Firstly: you need to build up a reservoir of infections in an out of the way place, Wuhan! then isolate it from the rest of China while at the same time allowing it to continue interacting with the rest of the world. Tourists travelling to international transit points, northern Italy, London, New York and in that way guaranteeing it’s spread, remember it was only after a doctor went public in Wuhan that the world was made aware of the danger, it had existed there for months.

Secondly: The Chinese needed to have some means of controlling this virus, nowhere else in the world has this virus acted in the same manner, no matter if it is an open democracy or a dictatorial authoritarian state. Only in China has the virus been controlled locally, so before pressing the accelerator they already had a brake, deaths in China have been restricted almost totally to Wuhan.

Thirdly: The Chinese economy has suffered minimal damage, while deaths have multiplied around the world affecting travel, leisure, the service sector, finance and manufacturing, destroying the economies of many small countries and even cause severe damage to large economies. China has remained largely unaffected growing by leaps and bounds and buying into economies worldwide forcing debt onto many small struggling countries so that they are tied into the Chines philosophies and world view. Now they have no option, they have to obey their financial master, remember these are not companies lending money this is the Chinese state, with a giant military apparatus, they dare not offend just


Michael Douglas Bosc

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Reports emanating from the far east indicate that certain countries are in discussion with the state of Israel to construct a canal across the northern Sinai peninsular, the case of the container ship Ever Given has focused the minds of many maritime countries as to their dependence upon the Suez Canal and the leverage that Egypt exerts upon world trade with no viable alternatives available to them.

European countries especially have felt extremely vulnerable to threats to their supply lines from the far east, The Ever Given has been held hostage by the Egyptian government since march of this year with a demand for ransom of over 900million Euros this is five times the value of the ship which is at anchor in the Bitter lakes, this is nothing but blackmail which may well backfire dramatically upon Egypt if the proposed scheme, a large modern two lane canal is constructed it will decimate trade flows through the Suez canal bring vast wealth to Israel and further increase their political influence in the region and make the Suez Canal irrelevant.

The operators of the Suez canal have a reputation for graft and corruption on a monumental scale throughout the maritime industry and it is thought that now would be a good time to punish Egypt for it’s high handed attitude and belief that it can do whatever it pleases with impunity, acting like thieves in the stealing from the international community, the day of reckoning approaches…………Time to start thinking about the consequences.


Michael Douglas Bosc.

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