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My mother and father were both butchers during the 1920s and 30s they managed a shop in Stoke Newington for West’s butchers a large company of the time.

 In the late thirties they decided to start a family a daughter arrived in 1936 and another one was on the way in 1939 when somebody declared war, that was not good.

Dad by now ran a shop in Walthamstow and so built a chicken run at the side of the house and purchased some Rhode Island reds, good layers and in the small square tiny garden at the back of the house filled it up with rabbit hutches and Rabbits and we know what rabbits do, they breed. Dad said people were selling everything at that time and it was a good time to buy.

Rationing started and everything that people took for granted was suddenly in short supply, the very basics of life were all now luxuries. It was a good time to be a vegetarian, virtually all other foods apart from bread was difficult to find.

One day a friend of my father’s said, “can you dome a favour?”

“What do you want?”

“I have got a couple of pigs.”

Now by this time nobody had a couple of pigs everything on four legs was registered and tagged, “they need to be slaughtered and butchered.”

A price was agreed and on that Friday evening a van arrived at the back of the shop and two pigs were ushered in, that night he slaughtered them and prepared them keeping the blood and a few odd pieces and Saturday evening they were butchered and put in the cold room.

He strolled down to the pub for a well-earned pint and got talking to an acquaintance from another shop, “by the way “he said “I hear the meat inspector will be at your shop first thing Monday morning.”

“Oh, much obliged” as he swiftly drank the beer and headed out to the nearest telephone. Urgent calls were made, and Dad could only think of the big black gates at Pentonville prison as he waited in some trepidation.  In the early hours of Sunday morning the van arrived and everything was loaded including the black puddings and all the offal, he couldn’t have anything there that hadn’t been delivered.

Monday morning arrived and waiting for him as he opened up was the inspector.

Dad decided it was time to give up the butchers game and worked in an engineering company making Bailey Bridges and became an ARP Warden for the rest of the war, I came along in 1943 not in the best of health and when I returned there were prefabs covering all the street in front of our family home.

The Germans had dropped a land mine on Cambridge Road taking out all of that road half of Beaconsfield Road a piece of Barnabas Road and a fair bit of Boundary Road plus the top half of Longfellow Road including half of our home but they didn’t get me I was in hospital trying not to die.

And as they say the rest is just history.

Michael Biswell

Michael Douglas Bosc (author)

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1943 Anecdote

My  Mother was a very heavy smoker and as a consequence I was born with double pneumonia and spent my first six  months in Chingford fever hospital, dying, not dying.

Some years later she said to me “you were determined to  get me killed” I was somewhat taken aback by this statement, but she explained.

A policeman would arrive at the front door, no telephones in those days,  “He’s dying again” the policeman said, so my mother had to walk from Markhouse Road Walthamstow E17 to Chingford mount E4 every time I was dying

At this moment in time V1’s were falling on London and all around the capital were thousands of AA Guns firing at them as the Doodlebugs flew over, the shells exploded and all the shrapnel was falling down bouncing off the roads and my mother had to hide in porches and shop doorways to survive. That is what she meant.

The cigarettes eventually got her, a major heart attack when she was 57

I have enjoyed 77 bonus years having survived at the beginning.

Michael Biswell

Pen name Michael Douglas Bosc

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Reports emanating from the far east indicate that certain countries are in discussion with the state of Israel to construct a canal across the northern Sinai peninsular, the case of the container ship Ever Given has focused the minds of many maritime countries as to their dependence upon the Suez Canal and the leverage that Egypt exerts upon world trade with no viable alternatives available to them.

European countries especially have felt extremely vulnerable to threats to their supply lines from the far east, The Ever Given has been held hostage by the Egyptian government since march of this year with a demand for ransom of over 900million Euros this is five times the value of the ship which is at anchor in the Bitter lakes, this is nothing but blackmail which may well backfire dramatically upon Egypt if the proposed scheme, a large modern two lane canal is constructed it will decimate trade flows through the Suez canal bring vast wealth to Israel and further increase their political influence in the region and make the Suez Canal irrelevant.

The operators of the Suez canal have a reputation for graft and corruption on a monumental scale throughout the maritime industry and it is thought that now would be a good time to punish Egypt for it’s high handed attitude and belief that it can do whatever it pleases with impunity, acting like thieves in the stealing from the international community, the day of reckoning approaches…………Time to start thinking about the consequences.


Michael Douglas Bosc.

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A View From Remain

I voted to remain in the EU, why? like most things, self interest, I live on a small Finca in Spain and my small pension gives me a decent life style, no luxury I can assure you but comfortable and everything seemed to be going along nicely so when the referendum was held I thought it was a foregone conclusion, the status quo would survive. When all of Wales voted leave I was shocked and when all the results had come in and only Scotland and London had voted in the majority to remain I was gobsmacked, I thought something has gone very wrong somewhere but then two general elections later and the vote was heavily confirmed, England and Wales in the majority hated the EU.

Why? People looked in retrospect at Ted Heaths government and felt he had given away too much without getting much in return, Harold Wilson did not like the EU or Common Market as it then was and held a referendum which voted to remain, but the view that Britain was always marginalised by the EU institutions and by the political elite continued, Britain has never had a person in a position of power within the organisation it has always been a member of European socialist community Germany, France, Benelux and Spain that is where the big hitters in Brussels come from and that is why the Tory party fell out of love with the EU. Philosophically they were two different animals and with majority voting starting to have an affect the divergence of attitudes was increasing, the socialist bloc in Strasbourg and socialist governments in many countries allied to a strong Socialist Bureaucracy in Brussels meant that the Tory party felt it was surrounded by enemies, it had no natural allies in power, as Poland and Hungary are finding out but they are extreme examples, when the EU was enlarged with eastern bloc countries the Tories thought they would find some friends but that has not been the case, they are all greedy and just see the money flooding in from Brussels they do not care where it originates from, when Tony Blaire opened the floodgates of eastern European migration he started a massive wave of anti EU sentiment and when Angela Merkel said Velkommen to millions of economic migrants from Asia and Africa I believe that was the final straw. The Dutch might understand that is a crowded country England especially is full to overflowing 55 million in a tiny country, people do not realise how small England is, Scotland is empty because nobody wants to live there, so much for devolution and a wonderful new world? If devolution was so good why does everyone want to live in England?

So that is my view, people talk about jingoism, longing for Empire or restoring power, perhaps a little of it all, but when a country feels it doesn’t belong, IT DOESN’T BELONG.

C Michael Douglas Bosc

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Throughout the course of human history famine has been a major factor in the economic and social development creating many changes but at the same time disease, war, bacteria, viruses and natural disasters also had major effects reducing the population and keeping it at a slow but steady growth. As education improved and with it the ability to alter the status quo, fresh water, sanitation, vaccination and medical practitioners in large numbers and suddenly in the blink of an eye the worlds population went from one billion to eight billion, more people, more famine.

Since WW2 famine was and is most prevalent in China and Africa, in Tigray province Ethiopia 1958, at the same time in China the Great Famine was just beginning and for the next four years millions of Chinese died, there wasn’t any Oxford Committee for Chinese famine relief they were left to die with nobody caring or even knowing and then to make matters worse Moa Zedong initiated the cultural revolution, destroying years of work and some prosperity the economy of China hit rock bottom, upon the death of Moa the gang of four continued his destructive policies until the arrival of Deng Xiaoping and as the old saying goes the rest is history with a mixture of one party control and capitalism China today is the second largest world economy bringing prosperity and a stable environment to the vast majority of the people, is it perfect? No. but you tell me which system could have achieved what they have achieved in forty five years.

Meanwhile in Africa most of the countries were throwing of the yoke off the white man as independence came to one country after another, we could argue for a thousand years about colonisation, Southern Africa would not be the place it is today without it, an empty area which today is populated with migrants from Central Africa and a great man maintained peace and stability there as everyone managed to compromise, but in the rest of Africa the old tribal conflicts awakened and one country after another descended into civil war and every year there is another famine and the NGO’s pile into the place telling them how to live their lives, how to govern themselves, there isn’t a one size fits all system, democracy doesn’t suit everyone, at least there are signs that African countries are starting to get fed up with NGO’s as being portrayed as starving beggars continually rattling their tins, they want to present themselves as developing economic entities who are achieving something, if they are left alone and not continually lectured too like some errant school children they might become an economy which is right for them, not the ex colonialists.

Michael Douglas Bosc

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A lot has happened in both my life and world events since I was last on here that its hard to know where to start. So I won’t even try to put things in order just jump right in.

Covid-19 and Lockdown effect – Catalan view

As we get older things and events take on different meanings, all looked at in different ways from different viewpoints because we are all very different individuals. But this Covid-19 has, in many cases, helped put things into perspective. After 7 months of lockdown law and self imposed – NO we did not have Covid-19 but November/December of last year we spent recovering from Pneumonia – isolation we were able to revalue our lives and way of living. What we found was that we were less stressful, eating better – basically fruit and veg – and felt better for it. So we cut the chocolate, crisps and other comfort foods down to a minimum by saying we couldn’t go and get them because of lockdown and learnt to spread them out. There have been bars of chocolate in the fridge for weeks but only having a few squares now and then means we aren’t binging. I have also taken to no sugar in coffee or tea the fight to keep my blood sugar down and Diabetis at bay. With being confined to the house for over 11 weeks in the countries fight against the virus and only allowed out to do shopping, get medication or visit the garage its surprising what you come up with. This is the before picture of the kitchen before we decided to change it now have more space and units rearranged make it more country kitchen.


Keeping Active

However there is always catch 22. For me its that although I try and keep active by doing odd jobs around the farm, it was taking a long time to build my energy back up as I got tired easily – at my age I’m sticking to that. Once we could move around again and get to the coast I have felt better as walking on level ground is easier then forest ground. There is the gardening which I helped my wife with and gave more ideas for the small gardens and me a liking for garden centres and potteries so going to look round them gives us plenty of exercise and gets us out. Which brings me to the animals.

The Wild Life

Yes he’s still here and wandering around. He and his friends come and go as they please he has a new friend we call The Rock. A Sandy coloured lump twice the size of Puddytat and wild like him. I think the wildlife up here is doing well they look healthy and well fed we don’t seem to have any mice etc,. Question! What makes a crunching noise and dislodges uncemented stone walls? Wild Boar rooting for grubs of course. We have seen them on the track looking healthy and heard them around the house in the night. So the forest at least is back to normal.

My Writing

I have started back writing, but picking up from where I left off has been a tad difficult. Until recently I hadn’t felt like writing. I’d start something then think whats the use and stop. I’m not sure why it just happened but I would regularly make notes and expand on ideas so now is the time to sort them all out and get back to my favourite pastime.

Well there you have it in a nutshell. I am quite sure I will be expanding on things but for now that’s it.

Michael Douglas Bosc – Author

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Satellites and other Parasites of Solar Energy

Over the next six years a vast array of satellites will be launched the largest proportion will be communication. Starlink alone will be sending somewhere between 12.000 to 42.000 into space and the numbers will be accelerating as more commercial outfits muscle in on the internet and communication. After they have finished working, these items of space junk will decay in their orbits until gravity drags them down to the ground or sea. But this will take a minimum of twenty-five years for those that comply with regulations, however, most will not because they do not have to so more and more junk litters the sky becoming a danger to many other collectors of information.

One problem that has not been looked at is that all these objects will operate like a curtain between the earth and outer space preventing solar energy from reaching the surface of the earth. But how much? if it was just the satellites not such a big problem but they all have giant solar arrays of huge panels to collect energy to drive the people’s desire to talk endlessly and take stupid videos. On this basis how much heat and energy will be prevented by these internet monster from reaching the ground? what will be the effect on sea surface temperatures? will a new ice age begin and earth turn into a giant snowball. Today we talk about global warming and climate change because of greenhouse gases. But what will happen if you place a curtain around the earth, a curtain of electronic junk, cutting of the energy, the heat and the light from space or impairing it to such a degree you destroy life on earth?

To make matters worse energy companies are laying out thousands of Hectares of solar panels absorbing vast quantities of sunlight and preventing it from reaching the earth’s surface. When you add to this the millions of wind turbines taking energy out of the weather systems globally, which initially will seem like a small effect, how could these machines reduce the energy and heat within the earth? you ask, but eventually the cumulative effect becomes overwhelming. The question used to be how could coal fired generators alter the worlds weather, but that question was answered some while ago. Today the world and sun alone does not have an infinite ability to satisfy humanities lust for energy nothing comes for free, there is always a cost, there is no such thing as a free meal and that includes perpetual motion. We are always told that wind power is there to help the environment and to and keep the planet healthy, but the first wind turbines are being decommissioned as we speak. What American companies are doing is dismantling the machines cutting up the blades into manageable pieces and then digging giant holes and burying them. These blades are made of fibre glass and all they need to do is run them through a line of crushing rollers until all the resin is turned dust which can be recycled and the glass weave put into the furnaces but big money is not interested, “destroy the world” that is their moto.

Michael Biswell (Casandra)©

– Author    Michael Douglas Bosc

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This particular coronavirus is somewhat more aggressive in its evolution at this moment in time than one would expect, starting with SARs which had a very high mortality rate it effectively killed itself, but evolved into MERS which killed a large number of those it came into contact with, but it could not sustain itself, destroying to many of its hosts and dying out fairly quickly. Now we have the third mutation Covid-19, yes it is killing many people but an acceptable number, as far as it is concerned, it has communicated amongst itself and has learnt when to be aggressive and when to be passive as if it knows how the immune system works and how it responds, do not waste energy on strong defences perhaps damage them a little but when you have a host that is unwell or the immune system is damaged it goes in for the kill, an aged person or a disease that damages the body’s ability to fight back and the infection is fatal.

The question that must follow is this, are viruses and coronaviruses sentient beings individually or a group intelligence? perhaps more like an insect colony with a guiding leader, a queen bee or queen ant guiding their actions, unlikely, they do seem more like a linked communal intelligence what one learns they all learn, a strong coronavirus in a strong host can assimilate all the information from its companions in a weak host who is dying, how to attack and how to grow becoming stronger in a healthy host, the strongest of the strong. Perhaps it is learning how to destroy us first the weak and then the strong.

Nature can be a strange, beautiful and very dangerous environment perhaps it is getting its own back on human stupidity? Saving the world at the cost of many human lives, greenhouse gases are declining as we speak soon the ice could be returning to the north pole and sea temperature will decline if we accept what nature is telling us, in just a few months of restraint by wasteful and greedy countries who pollute all greenhouse gases are falling dramatically in a short time, countries around the world using vast amounts of coal and breeding like rats desist from manufacturing vast amounts of items that we do not really need it is time humanity acknowledged that we are destroying life on earth and realise that this is a warning from our planet, the next virus might wipe us out completely.

If we can stop working and print money for a few months and nature shows us it can recover then why not reduce what we make in the future there is enough on this planet if shared equally, if leaders political and church mean what they say about caring for all the people then they must stop polluting the world, with too many people and too much greed.

Michael Douglas Bosc ©


















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Happy Trafalgar Day  Horatio


First of all may I say thank you for my(and Carols) birthday wishes and I would like to explain why its taken me a few days to do this. So grab a coffee and enjoy.

We have had many presents from each other over the years and it is getting harder to think of new ones. So when I asked her what she wanted for her present expecting to be told something for the garden or jewelry. But surprise surprise Carol asked to visit the Hartlepool Royal Navy Museum. So I looked it up on line found it to be interesting booked flights and here’s what happened.

21st October 2019 – Trafalgar Day – and our birthdays.

Morning everyone right a ramble through our adventures and believe me a small cultural shock was involved. So – oh explanation of why so late with thanks – we dont tell anyone where we are until we’re back a result of the robbery. Anyway Monday morning at 4am we were up and ready for the off to Barcelona airport. Thought we would give ourselves plenty of time as with the riots you never knew. But as always when we do the ‘just in case,’ things went ok so we arrived at the parking in plenty of time. Once on board the shuttle bus we were on our way to the airport via Terminal 1 very posh there then to Terminal two. Here we had quite a walk as the parking busses have a space next to Easyjet which is at the other end of the airport from terminals A & B. So off we trecked up through check in on to passport control and finally the walk through the duty free to reach a cafe and that much needed cuppa.

Now we were flying with Jet2 never done this before and believe me it was a very nice experience they have excellent hot chocolate. But I digress now when Michael looked on line you could get from Leeds/Bradford airport via the ‘flyer bus’.. well we could have walked quicker (a point for Bristol) Finally we arrived in Leeds headed for the train station (contrary to Googles info the only bus to Hartlepool was at 9pm arriving at 11pm). It was now 4pm and here came the cultural shock THE RUSH HOUR… after so many years away the platforms were scary, so many people add to this delayed/cancelled trains and you get the picture. One thing that did strike us was how helpful and cheerful the staff were, people talked to us on the journey Michael and others putting the world to rights. Then came the eyeopener one stop before Middlesbrough the train terminated and we ended up taking a taxi to Hartlepool. Now as is our want we hadn’t booked anywhere to stay as on line as we had had a bad experience with Booking.com (same again here) they had said the Premier Inn at the marina was FULL…lying gits our taxi driver phoned Premier and asked yes they said we have rooms…now you know why we dont trust Booking.com. We booked in had a good sized room with a comfy bed went next door for a meal and so to bed. So that was how we spent our birthday welcome years 76 and 73.

View of Navy Museum from Hotel

Next day: From the breakfast room we looked across the dock at the museum the ship looked spectacular tall masts against the skyline. So we did a ‘look round the area’ walk – yes walked – never done so much in my life lol my poor little leggies were wearing away until – that is – we got to the mall. Well come on shopping who could resist it – Michael for one he headed back to the hotel and a rest – me I put a big smile on took a deep breath and headed in. Boots, M&S, Primark and others were all there. I spent so much time getting the few bits we needed that hours had passed by the time I had finished – it was nearly 5pm – I had walked miles but because I was looking at things and shopping I didn’t notice – so I finally got a taxi – really good service and cheap – arriving back exhausted but happy. After a rest we decided to head to the museum only to find we were too late it was closed but it opened at 10am guess who was there waiting to go in……

Last day: The Museum.

After Breakfast we walked round the dock to the museum. Now this has a lot going for it firstly as O.A.P’s we had a concession fee of 8pounds – 10 pounds for adults – which I might add gives you access for a year – really good value. Then they are actively interested in teaching children about our history and what it was like in the days of sail.  The picture above shows a young visitor from Australia firing one of the guns.  The gentleman explained how everything would have worked then handed him a replica ‘slow match’ which he applied to the area where powder would have been if it were real, and there was a bang which made all of us jump as you can see he enjoyed the experience.

About to fire the gun sound effects made us jump 

Then we wandered along to where Michael would have been at home  the Captains cabin.   Here you could see his cot, washstand,  wine cabinet, and table  whilst in the corner covered in papers was his clerks desk (where most of the work was done)  Over 3 hours spent there and Michael enjoyed every minuet of it, he had found someone to talk sailing ships with and lots of info and ideas for another book. He was in his element Sailing ship, sea and History a happy chappie birthday pressie. So I will let the pictures tell the story.

Captains cot and washstand

His wine spirits cabinet



Captains Table

My desk… lol

Reading the charts


waiting to see if lunch was ready lol


The Trincomalee  built in India


where the animals were kept

and of course the obligatory  Ships Rat

Life on board was something else side cabins were arranged along the stern, with dining areas for various messes.  Everything was copper plated on lower decks/bilge as the amo was stored there.


inside the chandlers

look what I’ve found

as it was

There is lots to see and children are especially catered for events, and interactive things plus play area all to get them interested in history and this era.  There are also buildings depicting life as it would have been and the one place Michael loved  was the chandlers as it would have been when James Blackstock was alive. We were walking along looking in the buildings when I heard  ‘Carol come here look what I’ve found’  and there he was in the middle of the store everything you could need for a sailing ship, he was in his element.

So that’s how we spent this year just wondering what to do for next birthday???


Michael and Carol Bosc

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