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Many people around the world think there is a conspiracy about MH 370. That governments or large businesses are hiding information about Malaysian Flight 370.

It is the international airline industry which has most to lose in this disaster, because it is the trust between their pilots and passengers that is now at risk.  There is an unwritten but accepted bond that exists between the pilot and passengers and each must accept this.

However if one pilot kills the other behind the locked cabin door, then gradually depressurized the main cabin whilst staying on oxygen himself. The result would be that within minutes all the people in the main cabin would be unconscious and a few minutes later dead. They would just fall asleep.

It is too easy for a pilot to disable all the safety protocols in an airliner leaving the passengers at their mercy if they wish to play god or somebody else!

The pilot then flies to the deepest part of the ocean he can reach and lands on the surface, not breaking up and scattering wreckage. (We all saw the Airbus land on the Hudson and all the passengers walk out). Then all he has to do is to fully open the dump valve and the plane will gradually fill with water and sink to the greatest depth. Now planes are designed to exist in pressure situations so this is perfectly feasable.

That plane is sitting on the bottom of the Indian Ocean with all passengers and crew inside, never to reach their destination. And one pilot has totally destroyed that pilot/passenger trust. What is strange to me is that no one actually wants to say this out loud.

© Michael Douglas Bosc
ex- RAF

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