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I would like to thank BLESSMA for the help and support my family received when my wife’s mother died recently. Bill, Kath and her husband have been there for everyone. A few years ago when my Father-in-law died they were a great support  and two weeks ago when my Mother-in-law passed the knowledge that they were there helped my wife and daughter cope.

These people work tirelessly to help and aid those service and ex-service people who have been injured, lost limbs or just need help. I can never thank them enough they made Jacks life easier and towards the end they were always there, when Kath visited Jack in hospital she always had a laugh and joke.

These people work along the south of England but there are others all over the country who deserve your support and thanks for the ceaseless support they give people. We (the family) are hoping to be at the annual dinner this year. When we have attended in the past it has been fun and friendly. We have always been, as has everyone else, made very welcome.

So as an ex-service person myself please everyone support this worthy organisation in any way you can after all you never know when you might be in need of it. They will be there for you, please be there for them you will not regret it.

Michael Bosc

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