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It is a sad fact that in every paradise there are the serpents. In this case its insects.  I will also point out that football was on the tv and the events that follow were the result of a mad dash at half time without due care and attention to my normal routine.

Last friday evening I was watering the apple trees and got bitten on my leg. I had been watching football on tv and when the half time arrived I made a dash to water the apple trees in shorts not long trousers. At the time I had not noticed anything on my leg but after a while it started itching so as usual I turned to my wife for treatment. As she was cleaning the bite she noticed something in it so out came tweezers, needle and something that looked like a splinter.  Then the drawing cream was applied with dressing so we expected it to clear up and be ok.

However, three days later I have a small crater in my leg which has yielded two more splinters and the wound is now very angry and scarlet in colour.  So after much nagging it was off to the doctors (I hate going to doctors) who looked at my leg shook his head when told I could not feel the actuall area round the bite and prescribed more cream.  But this stuff is certainly doing its job, the wound (yes wound) is getting better with the crater now becoming a small hole and healing nicely.

It appears I was the victim of the dreaded tick, which had attached it’s self whilst I was watering the apples, and I obviously knocked it off my leg without realising it.  Moral of story if you must live in a forest and water your fruit trees at this time of year and football is on the tv, do it before the football starts and  WEAR LONG TROUSERS!!!

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Looking back, this weather we´ve had has not been to bad after all it has kept the wasps and other nasties at bay. However, as with all things it comes to an end and the other evening as I was cleaning the sun loungers on the terrace along came this wasp and stung my hand needless to say I made sure it died. 

My hand came up like a balloon plus there was no sensation in it my wife wanted me to go to the hospital but I declined that option not being a lover of doctors or hospitals. What I cannot understand is last year I was stung by hornets I received around 18 to 20 stings and although they hurt I did not suffer to badly I certainly did not have to go to hospital but just one wasp sting and I had a very unpleasant reaction.  However it has now gone down and the poison has come out, and the feeling is back thank goodness. 

The other morning I noticed there is a large hole just above the Tulip garden, where I thought I saw a claw just inside. Thinking I might just go and clout it with the  sharp  edge of a shovel – mmm.. perhaps not descretion could  well be the better part of common sense- scorpions are big here!!!!!

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