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This is a picture of the ruins of Asco’s castle.  It formed part of the chain the Templers built along the river Ebre when it was navigable, so they could control the trade and collect taxes.

Well after all my moaning and whingeing about no rain, guess what today it RAINED..  Looks like my prayers to someone were answered, the rain even held off till the competition was over  how good is that? The day started well. We were up around 7am, the morning was overcast and muggy, with the clouds coming in from the coast which is always a good omen.  However, my wife had her mind-set on my winning one of the large cheeses, so with one eye on the weather and a longing for rain fighting with a wish to win we set off.

On arrival we paid our entrance fee which includes breakfast, then went to greet our friends. We have friends in all the clubs as invitations are exchanged at these meetings, so it was nice to catch up with people. Not wanting to ‘put the mockers on’, my wife (she was not playing this weekend) declined staying for breakfast and wandered off to look round the town.

This is us playing the last game and Roca, Domas and Rayner  playing theirs. We won the first game lost the second by 2 points then won the third. This put us in the play off.  I scored 2 points putting us in third place, not bad. Whilst Roca & co were the top team.

A Few Posers lol.

The Local tv was there filming each team receiving their prize they then interviewed the winning team after the presentations, which, as you can see, they really enjoyed. So here are some of the winning teams:-

Our Asco friends & woof.                                                                                                         The boys from Tivissa

The ‘Happy Chappies’

Last but not least ‘El Champions’

There is one more thing to show you and explain.  Each towns club is presented with trophy as a memento of the day, which is presented to the clubs president.

                                   This is our President Salu with the trophy – a man in the process of ‘picking’.

The weather report.

By the time the playoffs came we could hear the thunder over the mountains and see the sky was black. Mind you looking towards home, although we could not see it being on the other side of the mountain and 2 vallies over, I did not think we would have had any rain been there before. But on the journey back it began to rain in earnest, so I was driving back in hope, and yes when we arrived back it was tipping it down.  Two of the water cubes are full one even overflowing, the cisterna topped up and the header tank basically full as well.

So all in all it has been a good day.  It is cooler now with a slight breeze but the sun is out drying the small puddles  (yes I did say puddles), so a big thanks to which ever deity heard me.

(c) Michael Bosc

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It has been a strange day, although it started out quite normal. Today was our paella day at petanca so an early start was called for. Up by 7am so we could get ourselves and our things ready and make sure we were there by 8.30 for the traditional breakfast of a boccadillo, black olives and red wine, which proceeds all the festivities.  When we arrived we saw many old friends who had been busy with harvests of various kinds all summer so lots of jokes and commiserations to be shared.

After breakfast came the competition.  For this everyone is given a number. This is drawn from a bingo style cage with each number being written down against a name on the entrance list. Next starting in numerical order from 1 to 28 the names are made up into teams of either 3 or 2.  We then play a knockout style of games and the top teams play each other for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and so on.  Today I was paired with Pilla and we came top, beating everyone, we each won a leg of dried Hammon, whilst my wife and her partner Salu came 4th and won a dried hand of Hammon so we will eat well this winter.

Whilst all this was going on the men who were not playing began to make the paella, which being inland is made from meat, fresh herbs, rice, chicken stock and saffron cooked over two large gas BBQ’s.  We took our own wine, salad, olives and melon but you end up sharing it with friends and the coffee and whisky do the rounds along with liqueurs.  Then after everything was packed away there were a few more games of petanca before we all drifted home. Wonderful!

But! we found the strangest thing today was not easily answered.   When we looked out of our kitchen window this morning we saw a Storm Trouper standing sentinel like on the south field.

Then we remembered the ‘satellite’ that NASA said had come down, but claimed they did not know where. We all know these storm troopers are tricky people, so I wondered if there are two lost androids wandering around out there and if the ‘satellite’ was in fact an escape pod!!!!!

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It started around 6.00am with the alarm, a cup of tea, no breakfast – that would come at Mequinenza.  Time to water the plants, then in the car and down to meet the others.  We were on time for once in fact, we were early. The day before we had been playing petanca, as we were leaving one of our friends asked my wife if she would like to make up a team, so now we were both playing.

The journey to Mequinenza is a fair distance into Aragon, on the way you pass through pistachio groves then turning left you leave Catalonia and enter the plains of Aragon. Eventually you reach one of the bridges leading to the town which is overlooked by a most impressive castle.  The Petanca courts are alongside the river giving a splendid view of rowers training their coach riding along the bank with a speaking horn urging them on to greater things.

Mequinenza is also a fishing destination or renown, but there were few fishing boats out today.  When we arrived at the courts each team was given an envelope which contained raffle tickets and team numbers.  The admission fee was €5 each and for this a breakfast of a hammon bocadillo, wine and water were provided.

After this we all made our way to the courts, here we were placed on our respective courts with our opposing teams.   Three aside, four teams, two balls each, we played three teams unfortunately my side lost.  However, my wifes team won two of their games and came top in their group, so she was in the playoff  hence the hoc of Hammon.  So the photographs are taken and its all about a game that is full of characters and stirs mens passions. I have learnt many swear words since I started playing, made many friends, been both elated, amused and frustrated, I hope you enjoy an insight into my pastime.

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