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Although we live in the middle of a forest in a climate that means the growing and flowering season is totally different to that of the UK. There is a diverse and sometimes unusual variety of plants and bulbs which appear in English gardens, but actually grow wild here giving pleasure and a never-ending supply of amazement.  So I have pictured a few here which I hope you will enjoy, forgive any doubles, a little sunshine in midwinter

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In winter deep and underground we wake anew

    Poking our leaves through tepid earth

We push our way into a cold world

  Sometimes there is frost around or a heavy dew

But on we go our growth renewed

All through winter into spring we spread our new leaves

Fed by the winter’s sun watered by the heavy dew

 On we grow we gallant few growing fast we make a crown

With rosette shaped leaves it leaves the ground

On leafy stems we start to grow with heads held high

Taking the flowers towards the sky we stretch and grow it is such fun

           Now with bowed heads in a state of grace we lift our blooms to face the sun

        A breather first before we’re done then each bloom begins to to bend

Now one by one we open out our trumpets white and proud

Our perfume is taken on the breeze to scent the evening air

Here we stand in drifts of white a delight for all to see

In open ground or in the trees we sway and to the movement of the breeze

So here we stand in drifts and clouds of perfumed white

Eventually we fade our show is done now we return to earth to rest

To sleep, replenish and renew till winter returns and calls anew

Then we awake and grow for next year is another show

(c) C A Bosc

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