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I suppose that change – if it comes gradually – is a good thing, well it is here.  This photograph was taken years ago and the only thing to have changed here is we’ve got rid of the swing seat and where the small tractor is there are now two small ‘art’ works.  Ok not the types of sculpture that people normally have in their gardens but this is a forest olive finca and this is the easiest way of dealing with the odd bits and pieces that abound on farms.



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It’s a simple idea really, by simply taking the ‘bits of this and that’ lying around and turning them into objects of ‘art’ we have not only tidied up the farm but given a bare space character.  By making use of the old pump and sat- dish in this way my wife has given a depth to the lilies, iris and flags – the flags grow wild up here – along the edge of the terrace giving it a natural look so that in a few years it will look as though it has all been there for ever.  I have a few more bits and pieces to get rid of so at least a couple more plinths will go up.



I am pleased to say the garden is beginning to take shape, which between our ideas is no mean feat.  I put these steps in so that we can climb up to the cacti garden with out slipping on the slope and breaking bones.  My wife has planted bulbs – these are the only things that really survive up here without loads of water – along the sides so in the spring there is a show of dwarf tulips, wild daffs and other small growing bulbs.  She has moved her saffron garden to that side where there is more room.  It may not seem much but I can say that paella made with saffron is something mmm…..


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The next project was to build a small wall defining the rose garden from the farm and forest.  She made a good job of the wall – which took her ages – but this morning we found that during the night the pigs had managed to knock part of it down – the bit in front of the water bottles.  Hey ho that’s what its like up here, no shouting just a determination to teach the little sods to jump……



But to the main characters of life here.   It is always a pleasure to sit and watch the birds flying back and forth to their water bar, seeing the different characters returning, recognising their calls, getting shouted at in the early morning because there is no water in their dish, such are the pleasures of forest living.   But one of the main delights is watching the Golden Eagles as they fly along the mesa.   It was one of these giants sitting on a tree stump on the mesa that caught my eye one morning.  I was dismantling the top of the old cisterna and when I took a break  I looked up at the skyline. As I moved my view along the mesa I could see what I thought was either a person or animal moving.  So my wife got the binoculars out for a closer look. At first she thought she was looking at a tree stump then found she was looking at the turning head of an Eagle.  As we watched it’s mate flew along the front of the mesa and next minuet the ‘tree stump’ took off to glide majestically after its mate.   We do not have a camera that can give us close shots over this distance but our birthdays, anniversary and Christmas approach so we might just treat ourselves.


©  Michael Douglas Bosc



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I am Whoopy Doopy

Well halloo,  my name is Whoopy Doopy  whats yours? I’m a Hoopoe bird although I get called a Whoopee bird by some humans (can’t think why). I know I’m a bit of a playboy, but no more than Boris, we have had our adventures let me tell you.

The Nectarine Groves in Bloom

Anyway,  I was recently minding my own business wandering around the Nectarine trees looking for bugs, when Bobbin Robbin called over and asked me if I would pose for some photographs for these humans. Apparently it would help him and the others get some freshly dug bugs and insects, why they couldn’t fly down here to the fruit trees I don’t know. The humans have been a bit late with the pruning because of the strange weather and the bugs and insects are in abundance.  I must admit that up there they do have the odd olives still on the trees, very good for a bird the odd olive.  Apparently the humans didn’t gather much last year,  anyway I digress. Well, I thought why not, it won’t hurt and it might make my fortune, the lady Hoopoe’s will love me.


The Over The Shoulder

So one afternoon she turned up wandering around camera in hand so I turned on the charm.  First I pretended to be shy and flew away, but not too far, and she crept after me. It was so funny to see that I did it again. But I soon realised that she would not play this game too often and might even go looking for another bird.   So I flew up into a tree and did  few poses, you know the sort looking over my shoulder and all that. 

Me Looking Studious

 Then some of me in the grass under the trees, where I thought I looked my best. One shot in part shade the other in the open (my good side)

Good Plumage and Colour

So now I wait for my first appearance on Bird tv and in Birdwatch Magazine.  Ohhh I can’t wait, all those gorgeous females… Look I have to go,  got to get my crest dressed, bye.

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