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Well its been an interesting week up here but first a few muses.  The weather has changed for the better, lots of sun with some lovely sunrises even if it’s still a bit chilly and windy.  I think this picture of Sam says it all soft early morning sunlight doing us and the forest a lot of good, although for one small hissing sid  not so good.  My wife had just planted her Gladioli bulbs and was walking round from the back of the house to make a cuppa, stopped to pull a couple of weeds and this ‘sid’ wiggled between her feet into the pump house.  Needless to say it’s not there any more.  Since she was bitten a few years ago we have this rule about sids:  In the forest fair enough that’s the wild part but not near the house or in the pump, gas or battery houses. So out came the spray, big stick and mask then after a check for wind direction a good spraying ensued.  As she has made it quite clear that as far as she is concerned once bitten is once too often so war was declared. Therefore my observation that we do live in a forest was not timed well, but I suppose she is right, after all she was the one bitten and they are vipers after all.

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Monday is pension and shopping day so we went into town taking the laptops with us and after the shopping we ended up in the wifi cake shop.  Now this cake shop makes typical Catalan cream cakes, ie., lots of cream and chocolate with a sponge cake in there somewhere. This being Easter you can add hand-made bunnies, chickens, footballs and of course eggs.  Guess what, because I was a good boy and waited till my wife had finished her writing she bought me some healthy white chocolates shaped like a half walnut-shell with a real walnut on top yummmmm,  That’s my Easter chocolates sorted, well not quite as it turned out:-


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On Friday I had decided to go cut some more of the old olive trees that I had pruned so taking my trusty? petrol chainsaw off I went. Now I don’t know about you but there are some things I do not have a lot of luck with and petrol driven chainsaw’s are one.  Up to date I have had four all of which have, after a while, turned up their toes this last one was no different.  It started cut a few logs then would not stop, making funny noises and metal sounds.  I finally got it to stop took it back to the shed dismantled it – felt like being back at work – only to find that the bar for the butterfly on the choke had broken, the nut holding the butterfly had come loose and fell into the carburettor and game over.  So Saturday morning it was off to Reus for some shopping.  We ended up in Carrefour ( which is a big version of Asda and B&Q combined ) where I purchased a new Electric chainsaw, two wifi mice – guess who wanted a pink one – and some oil. Very strange but when we got to the counter I also found two pillow cases, bread and two easter eggs lol.  But my wife made up for it when we got back to town she bought us lunch way to go girl.  So Sunday was a day of relaxation and eating chocolate eggs yummm.

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Well as for the garden all is coming along quite nicely. The flowers are out and as always after visiting our friends we have come back with plants and a few ideas for pots.  Gardening here is all about being able to cope with drought and very hot summers, so most of the flowers in the garden are bulbs and cacti.  However, there are a few shrubs such as lilac and bourganvillia  that are able to survive the only problem is that so far our lilac bush has not flowered but as its only just leafed we live in hope.

The other piece of news is we have finally seen the wild cat.  It was sitting by the sand pile watching the house.  I have never seen such a handsome cat, large pricked ears, serene face and when it finally moved – wife went to get her camera – it was almost as big as a Lynx  but we knew it was a wild cat as it had the typical ring markings down its tail.


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Well it had to happen sooner or later, I finally got to use…. ‘The Chainsaw’. da da daaaa.

It all started yesterday with the hunters and some very large gusts of wind. We were woken by the sound of vehicles and dog bells which herald the start of the hunting season.  The day was fine but cloudy  with the sun hazily peeping through, however by midday it had gone completely.  So we decided to do some of the odd jobs that we have been putting off.   It is surprising how good you feel when you tidy up the yard, but as the clouds got denser – and no, we did not get any rain – the wind picked up again.  Strong gusts blew through the yard making me wonder if the shed roof would blow off again.

Around this time I decided I should go and watch the Moto GP which was I discovered just up the road in Aragon, only to find that I had missed most of it so ended up watching Midsummer Murders oh well.

Then the sun came out, it warmed up so we decided to go and fetch the house water from the Hermitage at St. Jerome, so we loaded up the car with containers and set off. Halfway down the track we came off the riverbed – it’s been dry for a very long time – to find that the wind had brought down 4 fir trees.  This was too good to miss, I got out of the car took a look and decided these were destined for the wood pile.  I had been meaning to start on that wood pile for a long time, but since the incident with the ham knife and my finger http://bit.ly/mZJKlg,  my wife has not let me near the chainsaw.  But not today, this was a job for the morning, so I turned the car round and we drove up the valley to the ridge along that into Mora, found the garage bought some wine to celebrate finding the trees then went to collect the water.

There is a spring at St. Jerome which everyone uses for drinking water so we all fill up containers there.  To get there it is up hill again so our new fun is free wheeling down to the town. You can’t go fast because of the water ‘bumps’ these are placed across the road so that rain water (when it rains) can run off into the fields, they are not small or gentle so you have to break when you get to them. Anyway home we trundled happy in the thought of cutting wood. ‘Are you going to use a hand saw or ……..’THE CHAINSAW’?.  I’ll decide in the morning…….

I woke early, today was the day – Chainsaw Day!!!  I got up changed the chain, got fuel, oil and mask I was ready.   I drove us to where the trees were, turned the car round and took the ‘beast’ from the car.  The trees had been broken and fallen on to each other, so I managed to get the smallest one on to the track tied it to the towbar and got my wife to drag it back to the Finca. Before leaving me she handed me my phone ‘just incase’ oh ye of little faith I can master the beast.

When she had gone I turned my attention to the other three.  They were laying on top of each other sawing them from stumps was not the problem, it was the small branches which were problem.  They could spring back and catch me,  and yes one did. It was only a scratch, but it did hurt. By the time my wife got back I had finished cutting them from their stumps, and they were lying in the road.  I had just wandered down to the corner when the car hurtled round the bend my wife had arrived!

She was not the only one. After she’d had turned and backed the car up the slope, been pleased that I had cut the trees free without a mishap a 4×4 trundled on to the scene.  It was the boys from Garcia, come to move the trees.  They were first a little surprised, but after I said we were collecting them for firewood, I think they were glad that the ‘mad English’ were doing it for them. It was nice to think that they would have moved them for us but we got there first……

So we dragged the trees back to the farm for cutting up later.  It was warm so we decided to go shopping so went into town.  We got back around mid afternoon, and after something to eat it was… fun time.  It was a joy to cut the wood, making sure that nothing could fall on me, I dispatched the trees…I’m a lumber jack and that’s ok……

The final act of the day was to take the wood to the wood pile and then have a coffee on the patio looking at the stars.

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This is the river bar, only open in the evenings, It overlooks the river near the bridge which people have named the McDonald’s bridge because it looks like the symbol, only it has been here for over 80 odd years. The river bar is bright and relaxing, we sometimes go there after I have finished playing petanca as it’s near the courts.

Looking at these pics it does not seem possible that all is not calm, however it has been one of those weeks again. It all started when I woke on Saturday morning with a bad back. All the good work the chiropractor has done somehow got undone over night.  I have been a good boy, not lifted anything, just played petanca and taken my wife shopping.  I do enjoy our Wednesday trips to the market, then coffee after really nice.

After that we went to the Club Nautique bar for a drink as it was a hot day.  We sometimes stop here after petanca and watch the young rowers practice for the Muleta races. Normally they would have taken place a week ago but the new mayor of Mora D’Ebro cancelled the Mora Morisco, so no races or fiesta.  Anyway here are the boys and girls practicing.

As you can see from these pictures the boats are large and can be heavy to move but the smiling faces of the girls says how much fun they actually have.

So after a drink and game of draughts we went home. The rest of the week passed without any problems, but when I woke on Saturday my back was very painful, I really don’t know what I had done to it, but I watched  the F1 qualifier not too bad, bit disappointed in Maclaren though.

However, Sunday was another matter.   I think I mentioned that my wife won a Hammon, (this is dried ham) so just before F1 started I decided to cut some slices to munch while it was on.   Now the knives that are needed to cut these hams are razor sharp, the outside of the dried ham is rock hard, says it all really.  So suddenly, there I was arm in air, wife doing her oh my god he’s hurt routine. When I had finally convinced her that it looked worse than it was, (the blood on the kitchen floor and over the sink didn’t help) out came the nurses hat and the iodine… Oh how I hate that stuff it really really stings… That was bad enough but it was the alcohol she used to clean the wound that made me shout, well living in the country side you have to take proper precautions when silly old fools do this sort of thing.

So I have spent the week with a plaster on my finger, it came off today there will be a scar crescent shaped but hey battle scars are ok.

Anyway she rang the chiropractor and made an appointment, on Monday it was back to see the chiropractor and now it’s no petanca, again. There is a competition coming up next weekend  expect my wife will have to take my place in the team, they will win, hey ho….  But before that we went shopping into Carrefore, then to Lee Roy Merlin’s (that’s a bit like B&Q)  so what did I buy?  A nice chainsaw to help me cut the olive wood, strange really, my wife won’t let me use it, something about silly old fools and tools…..

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