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Last night my wife and I went to a charity wine festival at El Masroig, in aid of children’s Cancer Research.  We parked the car outside the Celler and walked to the square, on the way passing people leaving with their special bottles of wine and smiles on their faces. So with my wife in charge of the camera leaving me free to wander around the square, we went to join them.

The town square is not overly large but if it was a heart it would be gigantic.   El Masroig Celler and several of their friends in the DO Monsant got together, blended some of their wines and produced a special bottle of wine which was sold for 10€ in aid of the charity. They then teamed up with  Social Work with St John of God and organized this first Wine Charity event  in order to raise funds for the Oncology Service Center to enable them to research new treatments for children suffering from cancer.

The church was not to be left out, when we arrived there was a choral presentation about to begin and the seats set out were filled.

The wine was, I thought, a smooth red with a good body, in fact I am trying to get two more bottles I thought it was so good, and a charity in aid of Cancer Research I support. So here is our evening hope you enjoy.

As with other wine fairs, you could buy a glass for 10€ which enabled you to taste some of the wines on display, and at least three smiling young ladies took advantage of that.  The streets around were dressed with tubs of yellow brush with sticks of flowers decorating the side of doorways.  In one street a row of tables were set out, with several bars having seats in the street. These are some of the wines that were on offer:

We took a wander round the town. On peering into  a courtyard gate, we spied a restaurant which looked calm and secluded with subdued lighting and a come and eat atmosphere.

This surely is the way to present a charity event.  Although we were late I am so glad we made the event.  Well done to everyone who took part, it was a pleasant end to a good day.

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