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Ummm  uhh  dam alarm clock, suppose I’d better get up or they will moan again.  Oh my head, that’s the last time I go on a universe pub crawl with Mars and Jupiter, we would have been ok if we hadn’t met up with the moon.  Boy can he drink, do you know he drank so many bloody Mary’s he turned red, had such a job getting him back to normal gave earth a fright.

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Ok, ok I’m getting there for goodness sake Weather put the kettle on. Let me see now what is today supposed to be? Oh yes, starting off cloudy then gradually let the sun through.  Weather you got that kettle on yet? I really need my coffee!  Now where was I…. oh yes last night, anyway we all ended up in the nebula bar everyone was there – well it seemed like it – boy was there a crush.  We made thunder sit outside with lightning someone told a joke and they started laughing bolts and water went everywhere, don’t like lightning much he’s a really flash git.

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Weather where’s my coffee I’m going to be late and you know how that affects my day.  Mmmmm I can smell the aroma from here is that Interstellar coffee beans you’re using?  Oh yesssss feeling much better soon be up and running.  Thank you Weather off you go now, remember your somewhere over the mountains this morning not on the plains.  Right I’ll just pour myself another cuppa get dressed then I’ll be off.

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‘Morning Cloud how’s things today?’   ‘Hi Dawn like your dress pink and blue suit you have a good time last night?’  ‘Sort of tell you all about it at break. Don’t forget your supposed to hang around here for a couple of moon beams then off towards the sea’  ‘Right you are, oh and I heard that Moon was well out on the sauce, funny how he turns red every so often still that’s Moon for you’.


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