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Today was the day of the Petanca Dinner.  This will be the first one we have been to since we joined the club as I am usually visiting the UK around now so I was really looking forward to it.

The dinner was due to start around 1.30pm so we arrived about 1.40pm, this is not late just Spanish time, and we sat down to eat dead on 2.00pm.

The dinner consisted of nibbles:  crisps, sliced meats, olives, cheese and small savory biscuits which were already laid out along with bottles of water, lemonade and wines. Then came the first course: ‘fideos blanca’ – very small pasta fried in olive oil then just before they go a dark colour stock is added along with shell fish  such as muscles, prawns, clams etc., covered and left to cook. As they do so the fideos soaks up the stock and the pasta curls up at the ends. It is then served with a cream sauce made from garlic, a little butter and mayonnaise mixed together, very tasty.

The second course was a complete place – lightly fried and served with a lemon wedge. The third course was a meat dish, a sort of casserole made from veal, beef and pork with mushrooms and tomatoes in a rich tasty sauce.

Pudding was a tasty layered pastry soft, creamy and topped with a wafer of rice paper decorated with a flower and the words Bon Nedal, served with cream and a dash of chocolate sauce served with Cava.

Then two of the waitresses did a sketch about two cleaning ladies chatting. The jist is this: one of the women was complaining about the effect – or non effect – of too much drink had on her husband. So the other one gave her some advice including actions.  Result… much laughter.

After this came the prize giving and big cheers for my wife.  One of my Petanca Partners was pleased to see my score in the competition was higher than my wife’s if only just.  But we were made to feel very welcome and really enjoyed the company and good food.  It is our wedding anniversary soon and I was thinking of taking my wife, daughter and mother-in-law to the restaurant for a meal it was that good.

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At long last the pictures of Christmas Dinner at Carpe Diem Restaurant.

We spent Christmas Day relaxing and generally lazing around. Showers, hair washed, all done at a leisurely pace as we had until 7pm before we had to leave for dinner. Phone calls from family, Cava with breakfast (something we have done for years usually accompanied by prawns) intermingled with the daily routine of campo living helped pass the time, the TV went on in the afternoon so passed the last few hours. It does not matter how well we plan for a departure time we are always late leaving. As we passed through the local town restaurants were obviously doing a good trade cars were parked everywhere, we found the same at the restaurant, but let it be said the diners there were a mix of French, English, German and Dutch the early eaters. The Catalan’s dine from around 9pm onwards and most of them were young people who obviously appreciate good food.

We found the same service, delicious food, ambiance and relaxing atmosphere which all made for a very pleasant evening. This time round after the Cava and nibbles I had Tagliatelle with crab, salmon & prawns followed by Sole which filled the plate accompanied by sauteed vegetables. My wife had two types of prawns with a light sauce and lettuce, followed by Gazelle in a sauce with sauteed vegetables, we both finished with a gondola of sorbets and ice cream, my wife decided against the cheese board again the sheer size and selection of the last one was too much still there’s always next time…

I would like to thank the staff there for allowing my wife to take the pictures, not many places would allow that, also for the excellent service and making us feel most welcome.

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