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I should have left well enough alone!!

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Now you may be wondering what one of my books is doing on here, look at the title.  It has been one of those weeks up here, so I shall start at the beginning with Monday.  This morning we had a phone call from the company supplying our new wifi system to say they were on their way – well a young man was – to finish installing the satellite and phone.  No problem there you may think but although my laptop and my wife’s tablet connected with no problem her laptop just would not connect to the wifi.  So I decided to help… I think a new laptop might be in order come birthday all I know is I had one rather upset bunny  who said a few rude words and took me down to Club Nautique.  So that is how this East-End Boy was most definitely not a Pet Shop Boy.  Like I said ‘Sods Law’ is alive and kicking up here.

Club Nautique

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We were pleased to see Pep and his family when we went to the club. We were a little worried that the work that is being carried out on river road might have an adverse affect on people going there but it seems not to be the case.  Maybe not as many people there as there used to be but we are a resourceful lot here.  We have been invited to go to one of the boat race meetings one weekend and I would like that but not for the next weekends as I am playing Petanca in Riber-rojo Sunday and the following weekend in  Fayon.

Petanca at Asco

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The weekend was a success for my team, we came top in our group and won a large goats cheese, now that’s worth winning.  I was also informed that we are playing at Riber-rojo next weekend I wonder how we will do and what we might win……

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We arrived back in town happy relaxed and in need of a drink, its thirsty work playing in this heat.  So we headed for a new restaurant/bar at the top of town called Reina.  Now we have eaten here before and the food is really good it must be, it’s always full of locals and police lunch and evening time.  Having got our drinks and ordered a meal we were talking to the Chef and  mentioned that I had won a cheese at Asco and it turned out that he is a relation of our Petanca friend Reina (Rayner is the tall one in the first picture above) it’s a small world.


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