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Barrack Obama was elected on a strong emotional upswell within the United States supported by such luminaries as Ophra and Teddy Kennedy, however, no one really looked at his policies or politics. With a large number of African Americans voting on the basis ‘lets get our man in’.

I do not believe that Obama thought he could win the Democratic Primary, Hilary Clinton had it sewn up. I believe  he was testing the water for eight years hence when economic problems were more settled. But Edward Kennedy saw a golden opportunity to go down in history as the man who put a black president into office, with the added bonus of kicking the Clinton’s in a very soft spot of their anatomy. There was only room for one dynastic family in the Democratic Party, and so an incompetent campaign by Hilary in throwing away her strongest card – her surname – and distancing herself from Bill allowed Obama in.

The moral of the story is this. If you are going to vote, check the policies and throw the emotion away.

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