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The Musicians

It is the time of fiestas, and one of the special nights in this country is the Correfoc, the night when by tradition the town drives the devil out. This  takes several forms, sometimes there are dragons or devils which are pushed around with fireworks attached to them, each with its own group of devils who then dance and chase their way round the streets whilst holding fireworks on long poles.  These are accompanied by drummers who beat out their music for the devils to cavort to.

The Devils

Each group has a different costume, all of which are fireproof. Their have long poles are in the shape of a 2 or 3 pronged fork, to which the fireworks are attached.  Next there is the man who lights the fireworks, he keeps watch on what is going on.  As the fireworks go out they are replaced with fresh ones lit and off they go again.  The procession dances through the streets chasing people, who run laughing and squealing out of their way.

and Us

You will see children and adults dancing under the fireworks covered up and enjoying themselves. Before they dance though they all make themselves wet at the fountains so their hair does not singe (and it can).  There is a lot of revelry but it is well organised and contrary to opinion it is safer than a bull run.

So tonight we went to El Masroig  again and had some fun.  We arrived just before the group started their display, and were very glad we came. It was fun, with lots of noise  and we were even chased by the devils.

There was a group of young people who played medieval sounding music on wind instruments similar to medieval flageolet and accompanied by a drummer. They follow the devils but stay behind the trolley carrying the fireworks as so do those of us who are not brave enough to get under the fireworks with the devils.  So here are the pictures, some smoke riven but I hope you enjoy.

This them getting ready for the off.  The man with the light in his hand is  the one who lights the fireworks, All the Devils wore thick red gloves.


Ok so they have taken us up and down the streets, chased and danced their way round the church square and are now grouped together, they are plotting something!

This was the final bit a devils tower, but no!  I noticed there were cracker strings being laid out round the square with blue lumps dotted here and there.  Then the little devils lit the blue paper stood back and the loudest noise ever erupted, so loud it rattled the windows. We all had our hands over our ears whilst laughing.  They had mixed bangers in with the firecrackers, if you look carefully at this last picture you might just see what I mean.

We have not been to El Masroigs Devils Night before but will be going again, we really enjoyed ourselves.  Not a Health and Safety bod in sight to spoil the fun long may it stay this way, this is one tradition I sincerely hope never goes away.

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