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The Great Escape Staring:   Bluebottle as ‘Big X’ alias Dicky Attenborough   and Eccles as ‘The Cooler King’ alias Steve McQueen (no motor bikes)  in the boys big adventure.

Da da de da de dada dada de da de da dedada dedede dada de da dedada deda dededa deda da daaaa deda…..

The story is set in a finca in a valley surrounded by forest in the mountains of Cataluña.It opens with Big X sitting in the doorway of the hut surveying the FFZ (fly free zone).


On a cool winters morning the boys cage is taken out into the netted fly free zone which in the height of summer keeps wasps and other nasty biting insects at bay its cage cleaning morning.  ‘Its ok CK (Cooler King) I’ve got this covered you finish making your plans then I’ll take a look, but be quick mum’s about to start cleaning.’


‘Ok Big X all done come take a look I’ve taken a good look at these stone things there’s a way out at the top I’m sure, just needs a bit of tunnelling. Let me know when your ready mum’s just taken out the bottom of the cage while she’s not here I’ll throw the millet down then we can take our chance.  Quick mum’s back and opening the big door right Big X there’s a gap over her shoulder go for it I’ll cover you.’  A flutter of wings, a dart and Big X is out. Mum forgetting CK is still inside stands up in surprise, calls for dad just as CK flies out of the door.

IMG_0051 (640x480)Right we’re out, now what?  Well I can see a gap down here you keep an eye on them and I’ll take a look.

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Yep there is definitely a gap but too small for us to get into, have to try something else. Whats the other side like? lets take a look.

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Some kind of bitty stuff up here not sure what it is but I am going to try to chew our way out. What’s on your side?

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Oh no mum’s got the camera out, quick let’s go to the other end and see if we can find something useful there.


As you can see they found some wire destroyed the plastic container for the light batteries then flew back to where they started from, wire in beak.


CK took a look at the wall but decided that the wire was useless so dropped it.  ‘Wires not good Big X, have to think again.’  Ok CK  back to the original perch take a look at that gap again.’

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Still no go here, don’t know about you but I’m getting hungry Big X.  Think I’ll go take a look on the floor dad’s been doing something to the cage and mum’s put a tray of food on the floor.

They flew down walked around under Michael’s feet then Eccles decided that his hunger was too great. He flew up onto the door then down onto the floor of the cage and began to eat.  Bluebottle walked over to the cage peeked in saw him eating then followed him in. Michael then shut the large door and they were back where they needed to be and we could move around again.   As I said they might look sweet but DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc











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This week has seen us wandering around various places and being dirty stop outs. Take Friday for instance. Because of the heat weekday games don’t start until the evening around 6pm. Off we trotted to the club for a few games of Petanca, finished around 8pm then headed for the coast.  The idea was that we had a wander round, go for dinner then home. Nothing difficult there you think, weeellll, with us there is.

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We arrived to find Hospitalet in fiesta mode,  street races for kids on small motor bikes – all well organised with a solid wall of parents, family and onlookers to mark the boundaries –  three stages, two with groups tuning up and one with a dance school performing. We stopped and watched this for a while before wandering off towards the marina and restaurants.

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On the way there was a small market set up near the night club, from where we could hear jazz music coming. Ah now that sounds interesting we thought, so we wandered round the back of the market towards the club which had tables and chairs  set out and a jazz quartet playing. We sat down ordered a drink and began to listen to the music. They would have been rather good if they had shot the piano player, who when they got going, would stop playing, make comments then start-up again, they never actually finished anything let alone started, still we enjoyed it.

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We then decided it was time to wander down to the restaurants by the marina and what a surprise we had.  All along the road, which was closed off, was a fun fair.  Children and youngsters on various rides squealing with delight and generally enjoying themselves, whilst their parents looked on and took photographs.  Eventually we arrived at the restaurants only to find them full to over flowing. There was only one thing for it, walk back along the sea-shore and head for the ‘Black Pearl’….  No Jack wasn’t there, but we did have a really good meal.

We eventually arrived back home around 2am tired but happy.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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I have been asked why I write about sex in my stories. Why not, all books have some sexual content but most leave the reader with waves crashing on the shore at that time.

I however, believe that a little gentle erotica is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with sex and never really has been. It is when its portrayed as hard and vicious with no feeling that it becomes wrong. Sex should be a careing gentle thing with a feeling of enjoyment by both parties otherwise its just rape.

I try to impart this feeling in my books, whether between a husband his wife or lover there is still that feeling of care. In the late 1700’s early 1800’s it was accepted that women took ‘companions’, this was their way of sexual fulfilment and not having a baby every year as contraception was not exactly a priority.  This left the men able to have a mistress who did not mind having children but who usually knew about preventing babies.

Society in those days accepted the situation especially when in the tropics. Many offspring of famous males sired on their mistresses have either taken over the family title or proved to be famous themselves. Obviously there were ‘rotters’ there always are, but usually these men looked after the mistresses and their children. I have tried to relate these situations in A Soldier’s Wind and hope to have achieved my aim.

In A loving Son, I have taken the attitudes of post war London and entwined the story of Stanley and his mother with the conditions of that day.  East London was not the rosey place depicted in some films, it was hard, and for those who had no husabnds or means of supporting themselves it was even harder.  Women did take to prostitution to provide a home and food for themselves and children, there was no social then, no child benefits or tax credits like there is today and the NHS was only just starting up.

What there was were criminal gangs, robberies, sex clubs (for the rich), bent coppers, mayhem and murder. So Stanley became a skilled killer, honing his skills whilst protecting his mother, an assissin in the making, A Loving Son indeed .


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