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It is strange that an insect so important to this world, small, busy, productive, and varied which provides so much that is essential to us is under threat and the scientists can do nothing to help. I know they are looking into what is causing CCD but it is not just the mites that are killing off our bees. I realise that insecticides are the Big Bad Wolf but when DDT was used things were not so bad, not perfect, but not so bad.

There are 7 main species and 44 subspecies of bee but everyone recognises that this is likely to be incorrect. Alpini is a species with the European bee a subspecies, some of these are crossed with the African bee making them a little more defensive.  The New Zealand Bee is supposed to be more docile, but I can say that when I was using a rotorvator on my allotment in the UK I was brushing off the bees from my clothes where they had tried to sting me.  I do know that in certain parts of Africa bees are used to deter Elephants from damaging crops that cross their usual migratory paths and also provide the farmers with another income. They are taught how to look after the bees and process the end products, this is proving to be a natural barrier and a healthy nutritional by-product.

There is another byproduct they produce its called propolis. This is used by bees who hang their nests from trees to deter ants. They spread it along the branches making a sticky barrier. Collected, it is used in cosmetics, so ladies even your skin benefits. Here they use a honey skin cream to deter the black mosquitoes and biting flies it works and is good for the skin in the heat, smells nice too.

Then there is beeswax used for polishing and producing the wonderful glow seen on aged furniture. The wax is mixed with a little vegetable oil to make it pliable at room temperature; it also acts as an oil for doors and windows. The obvious other use is candles they burn long and smell sweet. When we visit a honey fair we buy several candles for that reason.

Something you may not know is they kill intruder wasps and hornets by surrounding them in a ball of bees, this produces such a lot of heat that the wasps are killed. Way to go bees….

So apart from providing a delicious food, cleaning product, and their stings being used to treat arthritis,  it is most important that we save these important creatures and do so now not in a few years when it may be too late but now this year.  The population of this world is growing fast and we need to produce more food, without these little pollinators crops will fail and well no crops no food no us…..

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