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I am Whoopy Doopy

Well halloo,  my name is Whoopy Doopy  whats yours? I’m a Hoopoe bird although I get called a Whoopee bird by some humans (can’t think why). I know I’m a bit of a playboy, but no more than Boris, we have had our adventures let me tell you.

The Nectarine Groves in Bloom

Anyway,  I was recently minding my own business wandering around the Nectarine trees looking for bugs, when Bobbin Robbin called over and asked me if I would pose for some photographs for these humans. Apparently it would help him and the others get some freshly dug bugs and insects, why they couldn’t fly down here to the fruit trees I don’t know. The humans have been a bit late with the pruning because of the strange weather and the bugs and insects are in abundance.  I must admit that up there they do have the odd olives still on the trees, very good for a bird the odd olive.  Apparently the humans didn’t gather much last year,  anyway I digress. Well, I thought why not, it won’t hurt and it might make my fortune, the lady Hoopoe’s will love me.


The Over The Shoulder

So one afternoon she turned up wandering around camera in hand so I turned on the charm.  First I pretended to be shy and flew away, but not too far, and she crept after me. It was so funny to see that I did it again. But I soon realised that she would not play this game too often and might even go looking for another bird.   So I flew up into a tree and did  few poses, you know the sort looking over my shoulder and all that. 

Me Looking Studious

 Then some of me in the grass under the trees, where I thought I looked my best. One shot in part shade the other in the open (my good side)

Good Plumage and Colour

So now I wait for my first appearance on Bird tv and in Birdwatch Magazine.  Ohhh I can’t wait, all those gorgeous females… Look I have to go,  got to get my crest dressed, bye.

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I'm In Charge - Bobbin Robin

I have been living here for some while, well, perhaps a year or two, but the one thing everyone knows, including the humans, is I am in charge here.  I might not sing as well as Mr `Last Word’ Blackbird Boris, but I rule!  My name is Bobbin Robin by the by.

I'm Boris

This is Boris. As usual he is playing hide go seek, what he does not realise is he’s not very good at it.  Sometimes I have  trouble with Boris. You see his job is to wake everyone up at first light, no problems there,  singing his head off letting us know it’s daylight. The Humans think he is wonderful, its his night-time song, he insists on having the last tweet.  But even I have to admit that his singing as he calls everyone to bed is soothing.

However, once he is awake he sometimes squabbles with the other Blackbirds in the area round the ‘big house’.  So I have to remind him who is boss here, I might be small but I can hold my own. A few short shouts and a peck or two and peace is restored.

My Names McGrew

My assistant is a Crested Tit called McGrew, Dangerous Dan we call him.  He’s not really dangerous, but with that hairdo well, he has something to live up to, I mean with a quiff like that you wouldn’t call him ‘Big Mave’ would you.  Anyway he’s my number one, because he stood up to me one day but cried like a hen when I pecked him. 

But I like McGrew, he’s ok, he won’t tell when I go raiding or sort out the others, in fact he defends me. Well sort of,  actually he keeps me informed on where the best food is, I mean, you only have to look at him to know he’s got it sussed. 

In His `Crafty' Tree Seat

We have found some fun here lately. The humans have been trying to take a picture of me and Boris,  but we know when they are up and about so we dive from one place to another it really upsets her, she’s the first one out with the camera, he’s more sneaky though, sits in his tree chair pretending he’s not interested then click he’s got us. 

Mind you we may have over done it.  He was digging in the ground planting things, which was great for us all as we could get at the grubs and other insects; but he stopped yesterday, so I think we should let him get his picture then he might just do some more digging.

So I had a few words with the others and the results are these:

Who's A Pretty Boy Then?

Can I Go Now?


Things I Do For That Robin


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