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I love this sculpture says it all



Humour is a necessity when you are not feeling on top of the world. The ability to laugh is, to us, a must when we are not werry well.  So after a horrendous night I sort of plodded through to the kitchen where I could hear the fire being lit and the kettle on  Michael was making breakfast.  As the morning wore on I began feeling better got up, dressed, and wandered to the desk.  After the ‘hows yous’ we were laughing at the thought of us, many years ago, out in a rain storm searching for roof tiles then fixing a leaky roof. We couldn’t do that now we said staring out of the kitchen window lost in memories, and for a few moments we were back in adventure land being silly billies then I coughed….

002 (640x480)

The one thing about our life here is that we have had to source everything we need including those roofing tiles, but at least there were some spare to hand.  So what other daft things have we done? Well although you can’t see the roof very well, but halfway along the wall was an open chimney which would let rain and other things in, so Michael dismantled it covered the hole and replaced the tiles.  So imagine a really wet day rain coming down in stair-rods, and a leaking roof right where the old chimney had been.  We could not let it go as water was beginning to form a damp patch on the floor. so out we went thick coats on Michael got a ladder and found the tiles were loose in fact one or two were missing. so we had to go tile hunting.  Once they were found it was a case of placing them over the gaps weighting them down with a stone or two (yep the wind is that strong up here) at the end of which two soaking wet people went in and got warm and dry (we had a gas fire). Next day we mixed some cement and Michael made sure every gap was sealed. Memories…..

Christmas Fairs and Me and Barcelona

20161210_165638-640x480-480x560In early December we went to the Christmas fair in Tivissa, and guess what I found so I just HAD to have my photo taken with them (can’t get anything like this with Spurs).   After this we went on wandering round looking at the various stalls until we met one of our Petanca friends who directed us to the church.  Not sure what we would find we went in and joined parents and other towns folk who were there to hear the choir and orchestra perform Christmas songs and carols – we spent a wonderful 2 hrs there.

20161210_184840-640x480-640x347 20161210_173945-640x480-613x400

Then on the Saturday we went to Mora La’Nova  where we saw the children giving the their letters to the king and his helpers,  (their version of Santa) and having their photo’s taken.  The que to do this ran halfway round the hall.

20161211_174351-640x480-480x640 20161211_174343-640x480-480x454 20161211_174402-640x480-441x428 20161211_174605-640x480-400x562 20161211_180028-640x480-492x394 20161211_180043-640x480-466x387

The Moors were in this part of Spain for ages until El Cid drove them out but their influence remains and so do the fiestas.  Not only do we celebrate the 25th December but the festivities go on till the 6th January.  Christmas day is the religious festival but on the night of the 5th that’s when presents are given as that is the time when the three Kings visited Jesus.  Now this means we get two Christmases with New Year in the middle  NOW HOW COOL IS THAT????


(c) Michael Douglas Bosc – Author

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Petanca Mora D’Ebre

DSCF5207 (640x480)

Well not fire but certainly ‘Smoking’….  We were on form yesterday but then came the last game and we somehow lost the rhythm, bit like Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. The result was we came second in our group winning wine and a dried sausage, so I was quite happy.  As usual it was nice to meet our friends, most of whom, like ourselves,  had belonged to this club, but moved on when numbers dwindled.  We still like to play there and are more than pleased to see old friends and I think that is the problem, old being the operative word. I am in my 70’s and some of my friends are older, we are gradually becoming the fewer of the few. But we are not sitting waiting for anybody, the competition is fierce and I was geared up for the battle.

DSCF5206 (640x480) DSCF5220 (640x480)

Mind you, on reflection there is hope as you can see from this picture of a young man who could bowl with an accuracy that we all envied, but was far to young to play. One day he will be collecting his own prizes as his proud dad looks on.

The Sunday Morning Game

DSCF5204 (640x480) DSCF5202 (640x480) DSCF5201 (640x480) DSCF5205 (640x480)

We played on dappled courts under shade giving trees, whilst a gentle breeze kept us cool as the morning wore on.  There are 10 courts in all but as there were more teams than could fit on them, they laid out one more at the end by the car park. Playing is intense and you will often find teams playing tactically for that vital point.  Sometimes there is a game which is almost snail pace because they are playing for first or second place, that is when things get interesting and take a while to resolve.  For me this is the attraction of the game. You can have a laugh and a joke whilst playing, but always there is the serious business of winning.  Tactics to be discussed, whether to pica or not, how many points do you need to win and how to get them.

I Spy..

DSCF5210 (640x480)


DSCF5211 (640x480)

As you will have gathered by now, my wife takes the pictures and has been the unofficial photographer for the club for almost two years.  Now a sense of humour is always necessary in competitions, and today was no exception. The guy in the picture is Louise, and neither he nor my wife could help themselves from playing ‘I Spy’, whilst the rest of us waited for the prize giving.

Prize Giving

This is purely a picture story so I have started with the overall winners with their hams then everyone else follows on in no particular odrder:

DSCF5213 (640x480) DSCF5219 (640x480) DSCF5218 (640x480) DSCF5217 (640x480) DSCF5216 (640x480) DSCF5215 (640x480) DSCF5214 (640x480) DSCF5220 (640x480) DSCF5221 (640x480) DSCF5222 (640x480) DSCF5223 (640x480) DSCF5224 (640x480)

Rainer and Eunesio

DSCF5208 (640x480) DSCF5203 (640x480) DSCF5212 (640x480)

Last but not least I must thank Rainer for putting on a good show and making everyone welcome.   He and Eunesio did a sterling job, the prizes were wonderful and much appreciated.  It takes a lot of hard work to run a Petanca club, not just in time and effort but organising competitions and other events, I couldn’t do it so my hat goes off to these two outstanding friends.


(c) Michael Douglas Bosc


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Well we arrived in Torquay without a hitch in the journey which was fast and smooth, but then that was Great Western Trains.  True to form it was raining when we left but as we journeyed south the grey skies gradually gave way to light cloud.  When we arrived at Torquay the sun was beginning to peep through. Our daughter met us and took us off to her home in the sky.  Now when we were last here I did not notice the hills but this time the steps and hills got to us, well they got my wife.  She suffers from arthritis so it is not easy for her to climb steps and there are about 200 of these little darlings but guess what, she insisted on going up and down them, said it did her hip good.

DSCF3718 (640x480)

Anyway that night Spurs were playing football  and our daughter suggested we went to the Cider Press Sports Bar, so we all trotted off for an evening of sport. However it turned into more than that. We were welcomed by one of the Landlords and the tv’s in the back were duly tuned in so we could watch the game.  So why the back room? well there was a group called Poster Child playing in the front bar, two lads one on the guitar the other singing and very good they were too.  It was quite funny at times, I would be quietly singing along to the music or tapping my feet, whilst watching the game then something would happened on the pitch and the song had new words. Good job the tv and music were loud.  We had a pleasant evening there and I returned with my daughter to watch another match plus my wife and I had a few visits to shelter from the rain when shopping. This is a very welcoming pub with excellent ciders to sample many thanks to them for their genuine and warm welcome.

The Cider Press itself is situated on a slight hill in the middle section of Torquay high street next to the restaurant/bar Camelot.  Both these buildings are old with (real) wooden beams and doors – some offset – that make you duck your head, and a glass frontage that can be opened so you can sit in the sunshine whilst enjoying the atmosphere and still talk to your friends who have gone outside for a cigarette. It reminded my wife of the country pub her village had (yep she’s a West Country Girl).

DSCF3724 (640x480)

Friday the sun came out so we went shopping and a wander round the harbour.  We  had noticed a sign that said 2 pounds for a return trip by boat to Brixham. This meant you could get on a boat cross the bay spend as long as you like there and as long as you got the last boat back to Torquay that’s all it cost. Now THAT is value for money and yes we went, enjoyed a beer had a mouche round then came back to Torquay.  This boat is not the one we went on, this one operates on the river Dart but that’s another story.

So with this in mind we decided to do the tourist thing and our next visit took us by WiFi bus to Teignmouth. Here sitting quietly at the head of the river Dart is a  little country town. Which with it’s history, craft shops, whilst hidden down side streets are shops where you can purchase some delicious local cheeses or wander up or down the high street, enjoy a typical Devon tea in the Anne of Cleves tea shop so much to do in a relaxed fashion.

It was here that they made the beer for the Royal Navy in the days of sailing ships, the malting houses and mill are now flats and shops but the exterior still has some character about it. We spent a week wandering around that part of the country, then on the day we left the heavens opened and we got soaked just getting from our daughters flat to the taxi, still that’s English weather.

Oh and my wife forgot the camera……..

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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