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Well what can I say, one minute things are going swimmingly the next…. well, I suppose I had better explain.

I am an active person, well I think so. I keep myself busy with small jobs around the farm and house, plus I play petanca – something which I was told was a rather strenuous sport –  so I was most surprised to find that somehow I had un-done all the good work my chiropractor had done on my back.  I really could not see how I had done it, so I began to think back.Well it might have been lifting the paint tub. I have had a large tub of white waterproof paint sitting in the shed, which needed to go on the roof terrace so I took it up there and over a few days duly painted the terrace, with a little help from Git the Ghecko.

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As you can see it was red before I started now you need dark glasses up there,  in fact I now have to go and buy two new loungers in anything but white else I can’t find them.


Job done I then decided to put a few more tiles on the porch roof to cover where I had exposed it to fit the solar panels. Well it was raining so off we went to get them and after a couple of trips to Tarragona – always make a list or you will forget something plus buy a few other bits YOU dont need but someone else does… – I had everything I needed so in between showers I got busy and again had help from Git but I managed to get the job done. Meanwhile, my wife had been decorating the house and had a couple of jobs for me to do nothing strenuous, so how I did my back in? again I really can’t think.

She can go out there and garden away for hours, building small walls round the beds, making sculptures, all these things meant bending.  Apart from her hip and knee aching she is fine, then I realised, it was my brain at fault.  You see it still thinks I’m 40 not 70, and do you know, that’s how I see myself and therein lies the problem. My body which is much saner than my brain, knows what I am capable of doing so when my brain says “oh we can do that no problem, been doing it for years..” it goes “oh no you don’t, come on back, give in” and my back does just that.


Mind you all my friends at petanca are exactly the same sometimes I think we really do forget how old we are. We are all on Statins and various blood pressure tablets but not one of us sits still.  Last weekend I had to, but then the FA Cup was on so I did not mind missing petanca too much.  We actually had a PJ day last Sunday, perhaps this retirement club really IS the best club in the world.

So that is how we spent last week, a couple of Old Aged Gits with Forty year old minds, doing the things we do but a little slower. But hey we would rather be like this than ‘Waiting For Godo’.  It’s not just our minds that keep us going but the birds and animals up here even if they are little git’s at times…  They provide us with plenty to write about and a book of poems in progress.    Happy Days…

© Michael Douglas Bosc

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Who’s there? Oh it’s you, Gladis, you did give me a fright.  I’ve had such a time of late, what with having to wait to move in here and wondering if I’d be laying my eggs in a tree, then finally moving in just in time to lay them. It’s not easy all this, nests are at a premium just now,  mind you this is such a des-res, there’s the little dip feather lined for laying the eggs with plenty of room behind for my mate to sleep, getting it lined was a bit hectic but we made it in the end. I think my neighbours are a bit jealous of all the space we have, but nest hunting is getting harder all the time when you see the perfect nest you just have to go for it.

Anyway, as I was saying you did give me a start, I’ve been hearing things all week, up and down off the nest so much that the other day I heard this sort of scuffing noise and shot up in real fighting form.  Whats that? Who’s there? come on show yourself, I shouted, you come near my nest I’ll peck you, you see if I don’t.  But there was nothing to see, zilch, nada, diddly squat, what was going on, I felt such a fool.

But a little later I heard the noise again this time I popped up and looked over the sides, couldn’t see anything, but I could hear the scuffle noise.  I had a good look round and then in the grass over by the olive tree I saw the cause, Bunny Pink Ears, a propper little madam if ever there was one.  Button nose, sleek grey coat, white fluffy bob tail, big brown eyes and the biggest pink ears ever.  She may be young but she knows a look from those eyes and a wiggle of those ears and the boys are smitten, hussy.

Bunny has dug a burrow in the bank in front of the house, she likes it there and feels safe because the humans keep the foxes at bay. Mind you, she has antenna like radar, slightest noise and she’s off all you see is the white tail bobbing. She likes to be up and eating early before the eagles are up, but she is very noisy, I’ve seen the humans watching her from the window like they watch me, she doesn’t know and I won’t tell her, not that she’d listen anyway.

Still I shouldn’t complain the humans leave us alone and are quite protective actually. He’s built some overhangs so the swifts, swallows and martins that come up from the river in the evening to catch the bugs, can build their nests here. Thats the one advantage of living here none of those nasty chemicals.  Still I did have a laugh the other evening.  I was having some wing time sitting in the tree whilst my mate sat on the eggs, when the others turned up.  The humans were on the terrace watching them.  I had a hard time telling who was who as they flew so fast and passed very close to the humans I thought one or two would bump into them, never did though..

Well must be getting time for.. ah here comes breakfast, have to go, nice talking to you Gladis ta ta.

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This weekend was the wine fiesta at Falset. So on Saturday afternoon we drove to into Falset found a space in one of the car parks which was almost full, and made our way to the main street.  This had been closed to traffic and was where the tasting stalls were usually set out, but this time there was nothing. Apart from the tables and chairs set out in the street by restaurants and bars and some of the cellers that had opened their doors for passing trade, the area was quiet,  where were the people?


As we wandered on we found crowds moving up towards the castle.  We had visited Falset Castle De Vi, a short while ago and knew the courtyard was large enough and relatively flat, an ideal place for the vintners to display their wines. 

Each cubicle is approximately 2m x 2m with a counter giving each vineyard and co-operative an equal chance to exhibit their wines. One or two also displayed a small selection of their olive oil. 

The idea is that you purchase a pouch which contain a large wine glass. This enables you to wander round the displays and taste the various wines on offer.  People were wandering off with small boxes or bags with bottles of wine inside, but most were there for the sheer pleasure of tasting and drinking the wines on offer whilst noting their preferred ones for purchase later.  A good social atmosphere abounded, friends meeting, laughing chatting more like a club scene but without the music, but this did not dampen their enthusiasm.

Through all this relaxed jollity, to me, something seemed to be missing. People were going straight from the car parks to the Castle, missing the town altogether.  We walked back towards the main street, looking for somewhere to have a coffee, and it was as though we had walked into a different place or time. Although the tables and chairs were in the road hardly anyone was sat at them, even the cellers who had shops in town had no visitors. This was a shame, the fair could have involved the whole town, people would have been able to sit, drink or eat and watch others enjoying the fair whilst the bars etc., would have had considerable trade.  As it was unless like us people were looking for a place to sit and have a coffee, people were leaving as they arrived from car park to castle then castle to car park.    

The wines were of the usual standard, for the DO Monsant and DOQ Priorat very good.  Full bodied reds,  deep in colour with a richness that denoted a smooth taste. Tinto’s that were a little lighter than the dark Negres, light Rose, a clear pink wine delicate but soft on the palet. The whites some a little dry, others more subtle not exactly sweet but again soft. My wife prefers white wine to red so I bow to her opinion here.  The wine I particularly liked was made from the Grenache grape, something I will be looking into. Oh and yes we did take home some wine.


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I'm In Charge - Bobbin Robin

I have been living here for some while, well, perhaps a year or two, but the one thing everyone knows, including the humans, is I am in charge here.  I might not sing as well as Mr `Last Word’ Blackbird Boris, but I rule!  My name is Bobbin Robin by the by.

I'm Boris

This is Boris. As usual he is playing hide go seek, what he does not realise is he’s not very good at it.  Sometimes I have  trouble with Boris. You see his job is to wake everyone up at first light, no problems there,  singing his head off letting us know it’s daylight. The Humans think he is wonderful, its his night-time song, he insists on having the last tweet.  But even I have to admit that his singing as he calls everyone to bed is soothing.

However, once he is awake he sometimes squabbles with the other Blackbirds in the area round the ‘big house’.  So I have to remind him who is boss here, I might be small but I can hold my own. A few short shouts and a peck or two and peace is restored.

My Names McGrew

My assistant is a Crested Tit called McGrew, Dangerous Dan we call him.  He’s not really dangerous, but with that hairdo well, he has something to live up to, I mean with a quiff like that you wouldn’t call him ‘Big Mave’ would you.  Anyway he’s my number one, because he stood up to me one day but cried like a hen when I pecked him. 

But I like McGrew, he’s ok, he won’t tell when I go raiding or sort out the others, in fact he defends me. Well sort of,  actually he keeps me informed on where the best food is, I mean, you only have to look at him to know he’s got it sussed. 

In His `Crafty' Tree Seat

We have found some fun here lately. The humans have been trying to take a picture of me and Boris,  but we know when they are up and about so we dive from one place to another it really upsets her, she’s the first one out with the camera, he’s more sneaky though, sits in his tree chair pretending he’s not interested then click he’s got us. 

Mind you we may have over done it.  He was digging in the ground planting things, which was great for us all as we could get at the grubs and other insects; but he stopped yesterday, so I think we should let him get his picture then he might just do some more digging.

So I had a few words with the others and the results are these:

Who's A Pretty Boy Then?

Can I Go Now?


Things I Do For That Robin


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Summer!  We always know when summer is here, first schools are out then Club Nautique opens it’s river bar, and here you will find the young rowers who begin their training for the Muletta races in August.  But before that the club begins to wake, you pass there and see people in the boat yard checking the boats, the swimming pool area is being tidied up, and you find yourself looking towards the big doors just incase they are open. But they will stay closed until the summer holidays, ah well, still it’s the memories that sustain you.  Of nights sat under the awaning chilled wine or beer in hand watching the girls and boys row these large traditional wooden boats up and down the river where the flow is a very fast 6knots.  Somthing they do with an ease that belies the hard work and dedication it takes to move these boats. 

Although the boys are the predominant numbers there are a few girl crews and make no mistake, they are as committed and very very capeable of moving these boats.  We have watched them over the years and they are getting more and more confident each summer, so we look forward to seeing them do well this year.   

We were a little saddened last year when for some reason the younger generation did not stay at the bar as long as they normally do.  It is their chatter and sense of fun that I like, memories of my sailing days.  

Club Nautique it’s self is the equivelent of an English sailing club, except that the boats are mulletas, not dinghies the river here is a bit too dangerous with under currents, back eddies and other nasties out in the middle.  The local chlidren swim in the shore parts jumping from the jetty generally having fun.   

Then there is the tranquility of the river, of sitting under the awning relaxing as you look out over the flowing river, seeing the occasional fish jumping or a duck sailing around in the back water; or watching kiacs arriving on the far bank or the house martins teaching their young to hunt insects you can’t beat it. With a drink in hand and my old (sorry) sailing partner talking sometimes or just resting in each others company it is perfect.

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