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Well Christmas is looking good.  This week we were at Fayon along with other teams we play against, for the latest competition.  Fayon lies just over the border in Aragon, beside the river Ebro, and has a good cat fishing reputation.

We started out around 7am this morning, driving into town to pick up one of our club members, then drove to Corbera to collect our president. From here we drove to Gandessa then headed north, past Fatarella travelling through the wind-turbine parks across the mountain ridge. We now turned left and headed down the mountain into the river valley. The road was to say the least twisty with one or two ‘oh my God’ bends, but hey this is in the mountains.  Once we reached the valley we headed for the train station to pick up the other member of my team, then climbed again to Fayon.

This little town was at the center of battle in the Spanish Civil War and every year in August it hold a re-enactment of the battle that took place there.  They have planes, tanks and other army equipment and take this part of their history very seriously.

The Petanca courts were nicely laid out so it was not hard to find which court we were to play on.  When we arrived we paid our entrance fee and ate our breakfast which today consisted of a soft bread roll filled with a good helping of dried ham, to be washed down by red wine and water we then began to play.

It was nice to see the other teams and catch up on gossip, who would be in the playoffs, who did not make it, hear when and where the next competition was to be.  My wife got ribbed because she was not playing ‘ win a ham and get banned eh’ but she had the camera and as usual took pictures of the winners so she was happy.



Our friends from Tivissa  and  Mequinensa their groups some 12 strong all went home with hams and wine.

I have put Asco in with our groups as they play at our club every Saturday.

Our teams 6 in total had small hams and wine as did our friends from Asco they also won hams, so a lot of happy people wended their way home at the end of a very pleasant morning.

We arrived back in town and headed for Club Nautique for a couple of beers to celebrate. Cheers everyone.

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I Couldn’t Eat A Whole One.

Well, I suppose the ferry is as good a place to begin. We moved here in 2004 and the ferry that connects our side of the river with the village was being built. Over the past few years we have seen the it painted then repainted; then this year it was in the water. However, the river does get a bit low and one morning I drove to see if the ferry was working and lo there is was stuck in the middle of the river because the water level was down. But, it is in the water and it does move so next year we might…………  Another thing is the driving. You notice this when you have been driving along a nice straight road and the cars behind do not over take but sit there. Then approaching a bend of brough of a hill and off they go, whoosh,  whoosh, wish, bless em they do however mind the solid white line fun comes when it returns to dotted again.

Other things that make living here a joy and continual sense of fun is parking. There are black and white parking places on the roads in town. It is not unusual to find a car parked on the crossing while the driver chats to his mate who is standing on the pavement. While they are chatting backed up behind are various vehicles, no one hoots a horn, screams or shouts, they just sit there and wait wonderful people. But what ever thoughts people have about the Spanish and work, here in Catalonia they work very hard. We have left for the drive to the port and seen farmers out at first light and the roads are certainly not quiet. If we do not get through Llieda before 7am we hit heavy traffic.

There is another side though. I have just replaced the tyres on the car with 50/50’s which have green valve caps. My wife returned to the car the other afternoon to find two young boys taking them off. She went after them and got the caps back. The colour denotes what is in the tyres in these  its  inert gas not air. Still there are always some.

This afternoon I finally got the car port finished, and would you believe it rained lol. Well its fiesta starting this week and we are playing petanca so will keep you up to date.

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The Longest Weekend

We went to play Petanca this weekend, and what an experience.  Because of my writing and going to UK  to get a laptop I missed some games, so when we turned up yesterday to play in the usual Saturday competition, we were surprised to find few people there. However my wife insisted we stayed there as going by Spanish logic starting at 4.30pm meant getting there at 4.30, which proved to be correct. We started playing at 4.45pm and finished at 9.30pm needless to say it was the Longest Game. Our daughter who was with us had time to visit the little fair, have a couple of drinks and STILL see all our games. But this is Catalonia, nothing frazzes anyone. While we were playing a young couple from Australia who were traveling round Spain visited Mora and one of our senior players gave them a lesson in Petanca which it turns out the Australians play but their rules are not so strict. They said that this afternoon was the best they had spent since being in Spain. See oldies are fun!  We won two games and lost two games, but the fiesta is coming up over the next two weeks so we will be playing quite a few games. I play Petanca in the afternoons as relaxation (or rather a break from writing) and as its men only it is enjoyable.  The couple from Australia were very pleasant and I hope the rest of their tour of Spain will be as enjoyable as their visit to us. Last night my wife and daughter watched the meteors, they said it was quite a good show.  I might just join they tonight. So for me, today has been one of relaxation, well almost, I cooked lunch: mashed potatoes, carrots cooked with onions served with a gravy. The local village has its fiesta this weekend, so a lot of noise at night but they do play some really good music. I am now going to watch some sport and the others are going to pick figs. Yes this is an ideal weekend.

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A Very Pleasant Evening

It is surprising what you find when you go out in Mora De Ebro, take last Friday for instance we were told about a music session at the Cellar Bar and duly turned up for it the music was gentle Spanish, part folk, part popular and was enjoyed by everyone Spanish and English alike unfortunately it was not on long enough. There was an advert for a folk/blues evening on Sunday so we went. This was given by some of the English ex-pats and a wide range of songs and music were sung and played. Again a very pleasant evening and we look forward to more of the same. We met some very nice and interesting people so coming down off our mountain does pay dividends.

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what a week

Well it certainly has been different here normally at this time of year its hot, sunny and the beach calls. But nearly everyday last week it rained; not that its not welcome as we normally have to have water delivered,  but where the rain is concerned things dont always go our way, you can watch the clouds gather darken and thicken over us then woosh they are off to empty themselves somewhere else. However, last week did end on a high. Sunday middayish we visited the local cherry festival in Miravet, sun was shining plenty of people about and we were looking forward to the paella,  saw friends and spent a pleasent time sitting and talking so were relaxed when we joined the que for our paella. You meet some interesting people while queing the conversation is varied and intesting plus talking helps pass the time.  Eventually we had our food and found somewhere to sit at the end of a long table. The paella was traditional country fare all meat no seafood accompanied by wine and plenty of cherries – what else. By the time the meal was over and everthing had been cleared away we were so relaxed that we decided a siesta was preferable to hanging around for one or two hours waiting for the band to begin so we left. Thats the only problem with local fiestas the gap between events and dancing can be too long we oldies tend to get tired. On the way home I noticed the weather was changing and big thick dark clouds were forming, by the time the casa was reached there was a nice thunderstorm plenty of water so our cisterna is almost full which to us is worth a lot. Happy people now!

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The navy of the 18th century was one of priveledge and influence officers of wealth could live a very good life. Mistresses were common place children born out of wedlock, slavery was a normal part of life violence during conflict was brutal, although the health of sailors was far better than others. mixing together these experiences of 18th century life gives a colourful story of erotic and sensual life in jamaica. You will find all this in a soldier’s wind, a gentle breeze that carries you to excitement and adventure.

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