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I had been doing some research for my book A Caring Killer and came across the British Columbia B-36 crash that no one can quite get their heads around. So I looked at the political situation of the time, Soviet developement of an Atomic weapon was advancing at pace with spies working frantically to gain technical information. At the same time Britain was building it own Bomb having been left in the lurch by the United States government after the second world war. But there are Governments inside Governments and these people felt it would be useful for Britain to have their own weapon, however to achieve this one had to go missing from the US nuclear arsenal.  As it was illegal to supply any foreign country with nuclear technology a plausible plan had to be developed.  What if a plane carrying the bomb got into difficulties and ‘dropped’ it into the Pacific ocean who would ever know the difference?

The B 36 was carrying a passenger, was his body never recovered? One thing we can certainly be sure of is all the fantasy theories about the plane flying it self is pure hokum.  That aircraft was flown to its destination, engines were re-started and that plane was landed on the plateau near mount Kologet it was in one piece and aircraft do not land close to mountains in one piece they smash-up.

‘Officially’ the captains body was never found, so how did that plane suddenly gain height and fly over the mountains into Canada? I have used my theory as part of my book which is as much about not trusting anyone.

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Here we are at the start of another year high cost of living, VAT increased in a huge jump (it would have been nicer if they had done it half now the rest in 6 months) Fuel is up not just vehicles but housing costs as well, keeping warm and travelling  will be expensive this year. If you add to that the water problems – being charged for an essential commodity by companies that pay dividends but are not so hot on keeping the water pipes or reservoirs in good nick, we are in for a long haul. 

Now take America, if the Gulf oil spill had not happened then the USA would be almost self-sufficient in gas, oil, petrol, maybe even exporting oil.  As it is, all deep-sea drilling seems to have stopped they were finding oil in vast quantaties.  Listening to the financial news this lunchtime, the only people who are gaining are the Speculators, petroleum  exporting countries and the alternative energy businesse’s ummmm!!! All making huge profits at our expense.  The problem with big business and Governments is they don’t really see the effect situations have on the ordinary people, as long as we all pay our taxes and don’t complain we are ok.


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