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Well Christmas is looking good.  This week we were at Fayon along with other teams we play against, for the latest competition.  Fayon lies just over the border in Aragon, beside the river Ebro, and has a good cat fishing reputation.

We started out around 7am this morning, driving into town to pick up one of our club members, then drove to Corbera to collect our president. From here we drove to Gandessa then headed north, past Fatarella travelling through the wind-turbine parks across the mountain ridge. We now turned left and headed down the mountain into the river valley. The road was to say the least twisty with one or two ‘oh my God’ bends, but hey this is in the mountains.  Once we reached the valley we headed for the train station to pick up the other member of my team, then climbed again to Fayon.

This little town was at the center of battle in the Spanish Civil War and every year in August it hold a re-enactment of the battle that took place there.  They have planes, tanks and other army equipment and take this part of their history very seriously.

The Petanca courts were nicely laid out so it was not hard to find which court we were to play on.  When we arrived we paid our entrance fee and ate our breakfast which today consisted of a soft bread roll filled with a good helping of dried ham, to be washed down by red wine and water we then began to play.

It was nice to see the other teams and catch up on gossip, who would be in the playoffs, who did not make it, hear when and where the next competition was to be.  My wife got ribbed because she was not playing ‘ win a ham and get banned eh’ but she had the camera and as usual took pictures of the winners so she was happy.



Our friends from Tivissa  and  Mequinensa their groups some 12 strong all went home with hams and wine.

I have put Asco in with our groups as they play at our club every Saturday.

Our teams 6 in total had small hams and wine as did our friends from Asco they also won hams, so a lot of happy people wended their way home at the end of a very pleasant morning.

We arrived back in town and headed for Club Nautique for a couple of beers to celebrate. Cheers everyone.

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It started around 6.00am with the alarm, a cup of tea, no breakfast – that would come at Mequinenza.  Time to water the plants, then in the car and down to meet the others.  We were on time for once in fact, we were early. The day before we had been playing petanca, as we were leaving one of our friends asked my wife if she would like to make up a team, so now we were both playing.

The journey to Mequinenza is a fair distance into Aragon, on the way you pass through pistachio groves then turning left you leave Catalonia and enter the plains of Aragon. Eventually you reach one of the bridges leading to the town which is overlooked by a most impressive castle.  The Petanca courts are alongside the river giving a splendid view of rowers training their coach riding along the bank with a speaking horn urging them on to greater things.

Mequinenza is also a fishing destination or renown, but there were few fishing boats out today.  When we arrived at the courts each team was given an envelope which contained raffle tickets and team numbers.  The admission fee was €5 each and for this a breakfast of a hammon bocadillo, wine and water were provided.

After this we all made our way to the courts, here we were placed on our respective courts with our opposing teams.   Three aside, four teams, two balls each, we played three teams unfortunately my side lost.  However, my wifes team won two of their games and came top in their group, so she was in the playoff  hence the hoc of Hammon.  So the photographs are taken and its all about a game that is full of characters and stirs mens passions. I have learnt many swear words since I started playing, made many friends, been both elated, amused and frustrated, I hope you enjoy an insight into my pastime.

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