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Oh! Careful girl.

Sorry madam.

The girl continued filing.

Its terrible this economic down turn, my husband has had to take shares instead of cash this year.

It must be most inconvenient madam.

What do you do with twenty million in bank shares.

As you say madam terrible.

The girl thought of her own wages, not exactly bread line but a lot of hours for not much money.

Yes times are hard on Wall Street, they are talking about making you keep the shares for five years; restrictions, restrictions.

It must be very awkward madam.

My friends husband is vice president of an investment bank, they are talking of moving to the Cayman Islands because the S.E.C. keeps interfering.

Yes madam.

Beaurocrats. They don’t understand business, you need freedom to make the right decisions.

No madam.

God, this woman is boring, every time she comes in here it’s moan, moan, moan; and she doesn’t even tip us after listening to her drivel.

No madam.

She’s a pain.


This woman, all she thinks about is herself.

There standing on her shoulder was a devil.

It’s alright she can’t hear us and even if she could she is not interested, listen to her.

My husband thinks the FOMC has got it all wrong, quantitive easing, giving our taxes away to those lazy good for nothings.

Yes madam.

See, she really cares for you, I bet you would like to get back at her.


Yes, if she had to live by her own rules.

That would be a good idea.

If the government hadn’t leant them all of your money the country would be in a lot better condition.

Certainly would.

If you could make a wish so that had happened she would be on the same level as you.

I don’t like to spoil people’s lives.

You are not spoiling her life, listen to her.

It’s terrible, we only had three cruises last year, and the people who get on those ships, it shouldn’t be allowed.

No madam.

See what I mean, she doesn’t enjoy what she has, all you need to do is wish for the government to have kept all the money they gave to the banks, because everyone says it’s not working properly, all the experts agree, you will be together, all the same.

I suppose it wouldn’t really hurt.

No! just that one wish.

She was going on and on.

Very well: I wish the government had not given the banks any money.

That’s it, now you can all be together.

The wind was cold, blowing around the empty streets.

The queue gets longer every day Doris.

Did you get any food from the Charity Store Roberta?

 A little, just enough so you don’t starve.

Hope there is some soup and bread left.

God look at my hands, havent had a manicure in two years.

I used to be a manicurist I could do them for you…..

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