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 The North Wind Doth Blow….


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ok well as a few of you have noticed (those living here) its got colder all of a sudden and WINDY!!!! something we know about first hand. We were sat watching tv yesterday when we heard the wind get up, the wind generator  was whirring round when a gust went across the front of the house bending the walnut tree then there was an almighty bang. I jumped up looked out of the window in time to see the boys cage disappearing past the wall this was followed by another crash and me dashing for the door.  Throwing it open and expecting to see the cage turned over and broken not to mention the boys being hurt I found (thank god) that the noise was the shed roof which had been completely blown off including some huge metal wheels which were on top.  We decided to play safe and placed the two shaken but not hurt boys inside the kitchen (very glad their cage is on wheels) then went to re-fit the shed roof.

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As you can see the wind took two of the sheet metal roofing and tossed them over by the little house, knocking over the old cement mixer (destined for flower-pot) and you can also see one of the large metal wheels that was on the roof thrown to the floor. As Michael said when surveying the damage, if we had been working out there we would have been hurt most definitely had a bad headache at the very least. Two hours later as it was getting dark after collecting the sheets of roof metal, gathering the fixing hooks, cement made and used to re-fix the poles in place, roof back up and bolted into place again with the huge metal wheels used as weights we AT LAST had the job finished.  One quick look round to make sure nothing else needed sorting we turned on the generator and retired for an evening of Castle.

The boys were most definitely shaken but not stirred as they sat one at either end of their roof perch, but this morning they were back cuddled up together.

They say snow is on its way along with rain but up here it means more wind……

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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Well it had to happen sooner or later, I finally got to use…. ‘The Chainsaw’. da da daaaa.

It all started yesterday with the hunters and some very large gusts of wind. We were woken by the sound of vehicles and dog bells which herald the start of the hunting season.  The day was fine but cloudy  with the sun hazily peeping through, however by midday it had gone completely.  So we decided to do some of the odd jobs that we have been putting off.   It is surprising how good you feel when you tidy up the yard, but as the clouds got denser – and no, we did not get any rain – the wind picked up again.  Strong gusts blew through the yard making me wonder if the shed roof would blow off again.

Around this time I decided I should go and watch the Moto GP which was I discovered just up the road in Aragon, only to find that I had missed most of it so ended up watching Midsummer Murders oh well.

Then the sun came out, it warmed up so we decided to go and fetch the house water from the Hermitage at St. Jerome, so we loaded up the car with containers and set off. Halfway down the track we came off the riverbed – it’s been dry for a very long time – to find that the wind had brought down 4 fir trees.  This was too good to miss, I got out of the car took a look and decided these were destined for the wood pile.  I had been meaning to start on that wood pile for a long time, but since the incident with the ham knife and my finger http://bit.ly/mZJKlg,  my wife has not let me near the chainsaw.  But not today, this was a job for the morning, so I turned the car round and we drove up the valley to the ridge along that into Mora, found the garage bought some wine to celebrate finding the trees then went to collect the water.

There is a spring at St. Jerome which everyone uses for drinking water so we all fill up containers there.  To get there it is up hill again so our new fun is free wheeling down to the town. You can’t go fast because of the water ‘bumps’ these are placed across the road so that rain water (when it rains) can run off into the fields, they are not small or gentle so you have to break when you get to them. Anyway home we trundled happy in the thought of cutting wood. ‘Are you going to use a hand saw or ……..’THE CHAINSAW’?.  I’ll decide in the morning…….

I woke early, today was the day – Chainsaw Day!!!  I got up changed the chain, got fuel, oil and mask I was ready.   I drove us to where the trees were, turned the car round and took the ‘beast’ from the car.  The trees had been broken and fallen on to each other, so I managed to get the smallest one on to the track tied it to the towbar and got my wife to drag it back to the Finca. Before leaving me she handed me my phone ‘just incase’ oh ye of little faith I can master the beast.

When she had gone I turned my attention to the other three.  They were laying on top of each other sawing them from stumps was not the problem, it was the small branches which were problem.  They could spring back and catch me,  and yes one did. It was only a scratch, but it did hurt. By the time my wife got back I had finished cutting them from their stumps, and they were lying in the road.  I had just wandered down to the corner when the car hurtled round the bend my wife had arrived!

She was not the only one. After she’d had turned and backed the car up the slope, been pleased that I had cut the trees free without a mishap a 4×4 trundled on to the scene.  It was the boys from Garcia, come to move the trees.  They were first a little surprised, but after I said we were collecting them for firewood, I think they were glad that the ‘mad English’ were doing it for them. It was nice to think that they would have moved them for us but we got there first……

So we dragged the trees back to the farm for cutting up later.  It was warm so we decided to go shopping so went into town.  We got back around mid afternoon, and after something to eat it was… fun time.  It was a joy to cut the wood, making sure that nothing could fall on me, I dispatched the trees…I’m a lumber jack and that’s ok……

The final act of the day was to take the wood to the wood pile and then have a coffee on the patio looking at the stars.

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