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 It has been a while since I wrote a blog on the weather where I mentioned reading of the huge Solar Storm on the 22nd October 2010 entitled ‘Weather From Space’.

Since then the weather patterns have taken on something of a ‘The Day After Tomorrow’  theme.  Large amounts of Snow, Lots and lots of rain bringing flooding, and tornado’s with high winds all over and now blackbirds are falling dead out of the sky’s over a small town in America. 

People are not stupid and the fact that no one has dared, and I do mean dared,  to comment  on either my blog or that of others who have noticed these events and passed comment, leaves lots of room for people’s speculation. So Imagine my surprise when reading in the English newspapers that the Met Office KNEW what was coming but decided the publice did not need to know at that point. I suppose it did not occur to them that people who are now cleaning up or cannot move back into their homes because of severe flooding may well of been able to protect themselves and not have their Christmases ruined. 

What about businesses who lost so much because of the weather and the Councils who could have had grit and salt in place – oh but I forget it is the Government who decide that sort of thing and they dont care!!!

It’s not that we don’t trust Governments – well we don’t – its more that everyone is spouting about ‘Global Warming’ and casting taxes left right and centre in the name of  ‘Global Warming’ that when something like this Solar Storm hits Earth, the fact that it disrupts communications, weather patterns and a host of other things instead of saying it’s happened and warning about the possibilities of sever weather and disrupted communications, they all keep very, very quiet.  So when sever snow or rain/flooding comes no one is prepared. No stocks of salt or sandbags are ready for use, I wonder if that scientist was right we are still in an Ice Age and they have got it wrong about Global Warming. 

Wich beggers this author to ask the question WHAT ELSE ARE THEY NOT TELLING US????

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On the 22nd October 2010 the Earth was hit by a major solar storm, vast amounts of  radiation disrupted the Earths magnetic field and the views of the Aurora Borealis were immense. These storms hit the Earth on a fairly regular basis but are ignored as if they were of no concern to us, any damage caused to the magnetic fields affect our communications and weather patterns. After this storm major weather disruption has affected large areas of the World, severe cold fronts have repeatedly affected the northern hemisphere bringing an early winter and record low temperatures, even in the southern hemisphere variations in the weather have been acute, snow in Australia. The Sun is our largest source of energy and radiation, it’s affect on the Earth’s weather must be greater than anything man can do, so why do we ignore it when forecasting weather, surely all factors should be considered, but it’s as if this does not exist for Meteorologists, when will they wake up?

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