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My daughter has been visiting for a week very nice to see her and hear all the news, we are informed that ‘she will be back’……..lol

So today being her last day here, we all went to a rather nice restaurant we know in Miravet. It is situated next to the outdoor pools and from the balcony you have a spectacular view of the Templars castle. My wife and I have been here before and were very impressed with the menu, today was no exception.  We arrived around 1.30pm to find we were the first diners there, (well we were early) so we were able to take a table on the balcony. The Chef made us very welcome and the service was excellent.

It is one of the few restaurants where you really feel relaxed, it was fun deciding which dishes to choose, plenty of cold water, fresh bread with the wine at just the right temperature on this hot day.  The menu of the day was 10.50E per person, which is very reasonable. Whilst choosing our dishes for each course we discovered that all the vegetables chef uses, are grown in the restaurant’s garden. ( on the reception desk there is an electronic photo frame which depicts the vegetables growing in the garden). The Chef and staff are very proud of this fact and rightly so.

For starters I chose the soup, cold served in a glass with just the hint of beef mmmm, whilst wife and daughter both had the salad, all fresh from the garden.  The second course was a unanimous decision, muscles! These were cooked in a homemade sauce of tomatoes, garlic, onions, red and green peppers plus a glass each of red and white wine, it was so delicious that we asked Chef how she made it and she was quite happy to tell us.  For the third course my daughter and I had shark cutlets served with sweet green peppers and a few chips, with a crispy skin covered in a salsa verdi sauce.  My wife decided on lamb cutlets cooked in a red berry sauce with again just enough chips to complement the dish, and encouraged her to pass a comment about us getting our own back on Jaws.  However, when it came to the pudding we let the Chef choose, so were treated to three different delicious homemade puddings.

1) consisted of small pieces of peach served in a syrup

2) some slices of light cheese covered with honey served with walnuts

3) small cubes of fried milk in a rich fruit sauce.

All of which accompanied by the water and  delicious red wine (yes I am on its trail) which complemented the dishes excellently. It was a local wine, with a smooth fruity taste, a good but not overpowering body which I personally thought made a very good sipping wine, even my wife liked it and that is saying something as she is normally a white wine drinker.

So over 2hrs three very happy people left well fed and content, with the determination to return yet again to a really special restaurant. As we said, if only more restaurants made you as welcome as this one, instead of giving you the ‘eat up and get out’ feeling life would be perfect.

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