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Olly the owl is a small owl. Not just small in size but that is his title in nature. He is brownish with wide eyes and a knowing stare. We first noticed Olly when my wife saw a ‘baby owl’ sitting in one of the fir trees which grow alongside the drive and yes as always she named him. He sat perfectly still making little noises which convinced us at the time he was someones baby. Then he took flight and we thought he’d gone.

 A few nights later we were sitting on the roof beneath a bright moon, under the frame of the small gazebo watching the stars and looking for ‘sputniks’ sorry still stuck in that era; when I noticed Olly sitting there not taking any notice of us but looking for his supper. We sat there in rapture at being so close to him in his own environment and for the next 30mins we watched as he came and went noislessly gliding away then returning to survey his teritory. That was one of the many magic moments we have had here.

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