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I seem to be naming the creatures who wander, fly or crawl into our lives and cause us some amusement. Although I will state here, it’s actually my wife who names them I just comment.

Take Git! He is a small no medium-sized Gecko who can be found in the battery house and seems to wait for my wife to arrive to turn on the inverter. Then I hear ‘You little git don’t do that’. Git sits on the panel bar then just as she reaches for the switch he makes a dart up the wall, we both know they wont hurt us but after her experiences with the odd Hissing Sid any sudden movement makes her jump, which explains why all doors and windows have net frames.

Well the other evening we came home from town to find a small version of Git between the fly screen frame and the front door. My wife opened the outer door and the little git slid under the main door into the hall. Leaving both doors wide open my wife then disappeared inside telling me the gecko was behind one of the water bottles under the book shelf. So there I am on hands and knees trying to see this little thing which had put its self into the corner and was playing ‘you can’t see me’; however once it knew it was spotted it tried to make a break for it but I managed to shoo it out of the door without hurting it. Later that night I heard my wife on her way to turn off the generator ‘oh no you don’t you Git’ apparently Git himself was sitting on the wall above the doorway, she presumed, in the hope of a quick dive into the warm.

I will admit they are noisy blighter’s, we had enough of them in the little house when we first moved here all night long chatting to each other then we both used to shout SHUT UP!!!   

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Izzy is back.  The other night I nearly trod on him, he tends to get under your feet and unless you’re aware of him its difficult. Anyway, after a little persuasion he posed for these photos, however I am not sure whether he was still miffed with me or playing ‘I’m standing still so you can’t see me’.


The other day when we were tidying the garden, my wife was trimming round the olive tree when she noticed a lizard hunting around in the trimmings. She was quite taken with it as it was not bothered by a couple of humans moving around, rather WE had to watch where we put our feet. I could hear her talking to IZZY (yes she named it) and as she would normally run a mile at the sight of a reptile, I was amazed that she was in fact quite taken with Izzy. He was a brownish colour with a reddish/brown section on his sides.

Anyway after a while we stopped gardening to have some lunch and get ready for Petanca. As my wife was returning from the garden she noticed that Izzy had taken up a position by the walnut tree, from where he could look for food. At last his waiting and searching paid off, a grasshopper landed near him and whoosh he was out grabbed his lunch then sat by the step munching.  I have said before that at times this forest shows a little bit of its magic.

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