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Although we do not have water on our finca after it has rained we are entertained by the singing of some rather fat toads who are out on the pull.


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We first saw one when I was moving some wood and found underneath a large spotted yellow toad next to a black curled up snake. The snake went flying via a long stick and the toad decided to hop it. Then a few days later we saw a brown toad by the wall.  These toads are here all the time they hide away during the hot weather but when it cools down and the mornings are laden with heavy dew, they come out. After dark they start their mating calls hoping to find a willing female. This year the cicadas had only just finished their nightly chatter when the toads took over. They have been happily singing for several nights now sexy little dears.


As for Jimmny Cricket. I was looking at the young walnut tree when I noticed a large insect sitting on a branch. It is about 3-4 inches long, strong hind legs, with long feelers, it was its head that told me who it was. (Walt Disney can be useful). Anyway, there he was sitting there quite content and utterly convinced he was invisible – the walnut tree is a very young one and he is almost as long but not quite as the branch he was sitting on. I have taken photos, only not with a digital camera so it will be a time before I can post them. This evening when we came home Jimmny decided to play ‘you cant see me’. As we walked past the tree he moved round the trunk in the hope he would be invisible. It is now midday and I have just looked, he is still there enjoying the weak sunshine. Nature can be wonderful.

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