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Well what can I say, one minute things are going swimmingly the next…. well, I suppose I had better explain.

I am an active person, well I think so. I keep myself busy with small jobs around the farm and house, plus I play petanca – something which I was told was a rather strenuous sport –  so I was most surprised to find that somehow I had un-done all the good work my chiropractor had done on my back.  I really could not see how I had done it, so I began to think back.Well it might have been lifting the paint tub. I have had a large tub of white waterproof paint sitting in the shed, which needed to go on the roof terrace so I took it up there and over a few days duly painted the terrace, with a little help from Git the Ghecko.

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As you can see it was red before I started now you need dark glasses up there,  in fact I now have to go and buy two new loungers in anything but white else I can’t find them.


Job done I then decided to put a few more tiles on the porch roof to cover where I had exposed it to fit the solar panels. Well it was raining so off we went to get them and after a couple of trips to Tarragona – always make a list or you will forget something plus buy a few other bits YOU dont need but someone else does… – I had everything I needed so in between showers I got busy and again had help from Git but I managed to get the job done. Meanwhile, my wife had been decorating the house and had a couple of jobs for me to do nothing strenuous, so how I did my back in? again I really can’t think.

She can go out there and garden away for hours, building small walls round the beds, making sculptures, all these things meant bending.  Apart from her hip and knee aching she is fine, then I realised, it was my brain at fault.  You see it still thinks I’m 40 not 70, and do you know, that’s how I see myself and therein lies the problem. My body which is much saner than my brain, knows what I am capable of doing so when my brain says “oh we can do that no problem, been doing it for years..” it goes “oh no you don’t, come on back, give in” and my back does just that.


Mind you all my friends at petanca are exactly the same sometimes I think we really do forget how old we are. We are all on Statins and various blood pressure tablets but not one of us sits still.  Last weekend I had to, but then the FA Cup was on so I did not mind missing petanca too much.  We actually had a PJ day last Sunday, perhaps this retirement club really IS the best club in the world.

So that is how we spent last week, a couple of Old Aged Gits with Forty year old minds, doing the things we do but a little slower. But hey we would rather be like this than ‘Waiting For Godo’.  It’s not just our minds that keep us going but the birds and animals up here even if they are little git’s at times…  They provide us with plenty to write about and a book of poems in progress.    Happy Days…

© Michael Douglas Bosc

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When I started writing A Soldier’s Wind I included two prostitutes who were ‘upper class’.  These ladies were not at all unusual, it is recorded somewhere that two sisters actually married into nobility.  Prostitution in the 17th and 18th centuries was mixed, both in the chances of catching disease and the type of woman involved.  At the top end were classic beauties who charged vast amounts of money, were extremely wealthy and meticulously clean, and accepted in the highest levels of society some even marrying into it.   Next came what might be termed ‘The Casual Professional’. A woman selling her body to put a loaf of bread on the table, or a roof over her head; perhaps an officers widow who took a position in a ‘gentleman’s establishment’.  Then there were the street walkers, in every doorway in London a woman was available with the chances of diseases almost 100%. Boswell, Johnson’s biographer, was constantly with prostitutes. London bridge was one of his favourite haunts, with him having to be treated for the pox on many occasions.

In  A Soldier’s Wind Jason and his Uncle enjoy being in the company of upper class prostitutes, money being no object. Sheathes were available for purchase usually made from animal intestines which were stored in a saline solution. Sexual equipment could also be purchased, dildos, douche’s etc., it was also possible for women to have an operation to restore their hymen, the first night of marriage was important to prove their virtue, blood had to be seen on the sheets.

Sheath’s were used purely to prevent infection not as a means of stopping pregnancy, most innovations came from Italian immigrants who opened shops in London.

One of the main reasons for disease was a lack of hygiene, bathing and regular washing was something of a rarity.

There is nothing new in sex!!!

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