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I was writing a blog, enjoying having the house to myself (my wife had gone to a carboot sale) when the phone rang.  The horse blessing is on I’ll come and get you.  So one scrabbled change of clothes,  ok I got dressed,  the car arrived and we set off. 

Now this horse blessing takes place every year in one of the local towns and we never miss it.   We arrived after it had been going for around 15mins so missed the first few carts and carriages, but got them on the next run round the town.  There are carts with huge wine barrels hung on them pulled by three or four horses all decked out in brass and pom poms. They parade round the streets finally ending up by the church where the priest blesses the horses. 

Having seen this before we wandered off from the square looking for the chance to get some static pictures. These are the results and the Ambulance? well they follow the parade just in case and I think they deserve to be in here after all they are horsepowered…. 

Hope you enjoy these.

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