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Who’s there? Oh it’s you, Gladis, you did give me a fright.  I’ve had such a time of late, what with having to wait to move in here and wondering if I’d be laying my eggs in a tree, then finally moving in just in time to lay them. It’s not easy all this, nests are at a premium just now,  mind you this is such a des-res, there’s the little dip feather lined for laying the eggs with plenty of room behind for my mate to sleep, getting it lined was a bit hectic but we made it in the end. I think my neighbours are a bit jealous of all the space we have, but nest hunting is getting harder all the time when you see the perfect nest you just have to go for it.

Anyway, as I was saying you did give me a start, I’ve been hearing things all week, up and down off the nest so much that the other day I heard this sort of scuffing noise and shot up in real fighting form.  Whats that? Who’s there? come on show yourself, I shouted, you come near my nest I’ll peck you, you see if I don’t.  But there was nothing to see, zilch, nada, diddly squat, what was going on, I felt such a fool.

But a little later I heard the noise again this time I popped up and looked over the sides, couldn’t see anything, but I could hear the scuffle noise.  I had a good look round and then in the grass over by the olive tree I saw the cause, Bunny Pink Ears, a propper little madam if ever there was one.  Button nose, sleek grey coat, white fluffy bob tail, big brown eyes and the biggest pink ears ever.  She may be young but she knows a look from those eyes and a wiggle of those ears and the boys are smitten, hussy.

Bunny has dug a burrow in the bank in front of the house, she likes it there and feels safe because the humans keep the foxes at bay. Mind you, she has antenna like radar, slightest noise and she’s off all you see is the white tail bobbing. She likes to be up and eating early before the eagles are up, but she is very noisy, I’ve seen the humans watching her from the window like they watch me, she doesn’t know and I won’t tell her, not that she’d listen anyway.

Still I shouldn’t complain the humans leave us alone and are quite protective actually. He’s built some overhangs so the swifts, swallows and martins that come up from the river in the evening to catch the bugs, can build their nests here. Thats the one advantage of living here none of those nasty chemicals.  Still I did have a laugh the other evening.  I was having some wing time sitting in the tree whilst my mate sat on the eggs, when the others turned up.  The humans were on the terrace watching them.  I had a hard time telling who was who as they flew so fast and passed very close to the humans I thought one or two would bump into them, never did though..

Well must be getting time for.. ah here comes breakfast, have to go, nice talking to you Gladis ta ta.

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Dobe do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da, da  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet. I’m sitting here singing my song, come and sing along tweet tweet tweet.  I watched this play in the middle of the day,  who do we need NEST BUSTERS.
 Dobe do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet
When your watching a man knocking bricks from a wall, who you gonna call   NEST BUSTERS

Theres a nest in there from a Blue Tit pair  who you gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

He stopped and looked and got the stare  who you gonna call   NEST BUSTERS

Dode do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da,  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet

The parents come and the parents go who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

Their little lad doesn’t want to know  who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

What he wants is his food all day  who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

There he sits in his nest in the bricks who they gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

To get him out they call and shout  definitely need   NEST BUSTERS

Cant get move that lad he’s fat that’s bad  who they gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

Dode do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da,  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet

Now come on son out you come or I’m gonna call NEST BUSTERS

Got to learn to fly way up in the sky  I’m gonna call NEST BUSTERS

This wall of blocks is coming down so you gotta fly   NEST BUSTERS

Bobbin Robbin
Dangerous McGrew                 The Nest Busters

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Over the past few days I have woken to the sound of a bird singing it heart out. No, not Boris but a Blue Tit.  This member of the community has decided to join in the spring fever. There is another visitor that it’s a great pleasure to see, the Wall Walker and his mate.  This pair arrive each year and repair the nest in the roof and we enjoy watching them do what they do best Walking the Walls.

Hello I’m Bill the Walker

Oh boy I really hate this time of year, build, clean, repair, go, go, go.  Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but I am so busy, this nest needs a makeover every year. My name is Bill, and you’re the first human I have talked to.  Somewhere around, probably looking for the soft bits is my mate Muffy. She is always shopping or changing the furnishings is your’s like that?  Still as I said this time of year is all go for me, and it won’t stop when the eggs arrive I will have to bring food and share the sitting.  Just now I am concentrating on repairing and rebuilding where the weather has damaged it, making it Hissing Sid proof as far as possible, generally making good.  As for Muffy, she’s getting broody, started moaning about the fact she can’t find enough stuff to make a nice warm soft bed for the eggs, so she is off searching leaving me to do the work. Well must go or I’ll never hear the end of it if the nest isn’t ready in time.

Where’s the Wife Gone?

Hello you back? haven’t seen Muffy anywhere have you? I’ve been working away here and she’s been gone ages, I’m beginning to wonder whats happened. Yes I know women take ages when shopping, not like us, we know what we want, go there, get it, all done and dusted in a matter of ticks but hens well…. ah phew, here she comes laden down with soft bits.

Hello Muffy glad your back I was getting worried, did you get what you wanted? Pardon?  You cheeky bird.  Here I am working my wings off repairing the nest for you while you’re off hunting soft bits.  Then you come back here wanting to know where your grubs are. Ohhhh hens….  Now, now don’t tweep I’m sorry.  Hang on I won’t  be a mo.  Here you are, look here’s a juicy grub, you just settle down in the nest and I’ll look after everything.  Strange mood she’s in, she tweep’s for no reason must be getting near to laying.  Well have to get on nice to see you again will have more time when the young have fledged.


(c) Michael Douglas Bosc – author



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Que pasa?

I stalk them here, I stalk them there,
I stalk those birdies everywhere.
In a bush or in a tree,
Those birdies keep ahead of me.
But I am crafty I am slick,
With my trusty camera I will click.
At last I cry I’ve got you mate,
Then look to see he’d flown oh great.
But at long last I have found,
The simplest way is stand my ground.
So in my chair beneath the tree,
No camera have I on my knee.
Then here they are all flying round,
And pecking at the stony ground.
Oh I give up I can not win,
It’s just not fair it’s such a sin.
So I’ll just sit here in the sun,
Watching the blighters having fun.

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