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Well its nearly a month since I last wrote the news, needless to say a few things have happened so I will start with us oldies.

A Touch of Food Poisoning!!!

As I might have told you, we have been under the weather with the flu, and as it was pointed out to me yesterday it is around a month since I was last out and about. Oh I know we have been here and there for the odd bit but I am talking a full day.  So as it was raining (more on that later) and we were feeling a lot better, I decided that a trip to Tarragona for a mooch round was on the cards.  We set off around 11ish arriving in the city before midday and having parked in the underground car park  wandered up top to find it was market day so one happy lady had a mooch round whilst I went to the bank – can’t eat without money.

But before we ate we wandered round some of the side streets where little shops were tucked away alongside small supermarkets, as we made our way towards the sea.  You can’t actually get to the sea from this part of town but we had a scenic view of the port, railway station and beach beyond.  Even though it had been raining and the sun was now out the day was turning pleasant.

Then the wife decided she was hungry so we wandered round till we found a bar that looked ok and went in.  It appeared clean but there weren’t many people there, we should have known.  We both decided on spaghetti bolognaise followed by French fries with thin slices of chicken and a cream pudding with cream.  so far so good, but this morning my wife could hardly stand without being dizzy and I just didn’t want to get up, neither of us are feeling well just now, so don’t think we will be going there again  no wonder it was tucked down a side street, UGH….

So now to the rest of the events which I must warn you will dissolve into a ramble:

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The forest has been fairly quiet during the day the birds are back in the singing tree calling for mates, and I have threatened the cawing Magpies with a shotgun I do not have, but as they don’t wait around to find that out, the threat works.  At night however the toads are singing their hearts out so it must be mating time, add to this the owls hooting away or screeching – we have both up here – it is not exactly quiet, but sitting out in the FF zone watching the stars with a cuppa makes up for everything.  Then early the other morning my wife heard what she thought were stones falling however no walls were down but she did spy two small boar going up the slope and their piggy prints were round the water bar so we know they visited.  However, when I went for a stroll round I found that an old pot I had placed on the wall near the BBQ had been knocked down so we assume this was the noise she heard and it was probably an owl, definitely need a camera there.  Last night we were enjoying a Sunday evening of tv when there was such a noise outside as though something had fallen from the roof.  Up we got looked around but could see nothing, the generator house was ok, as was the roof of the little house, and other things we looked at no idea what it was.  This morning I was up and about early looking at the mesa to see if part of that had fallen but all seemed in tact, so rumblings in the forest……..


Gardening Forest Style

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Now for the garden. My wife has finished the first part of another rose garden and planted some violas she bought when we were in one of the local markets. She also bought me two variegated shrubs which I have planted round the side of the house near the lilac tree, here they get both shade and sun and some protection from frost. did not quite work out and it became – after loosing a wall – the wood shed.

Some time ago I decided to build an above ground ‘balsa’ to hold the water but it didn’t work so minus one wall it has become the wood shed.  as you can see I had built some blocks into the wall which stuck out the idea being they would be for pots and perhaps make the blank wall look colourful. Then we decided to make a garden in front of it so I planted the Yuccas there to hide the wall with a lemon geranium in the middle and in between these ground covering violets – we have lots of them – and two plants that have white bell-shaped flowers and self seed by shooting their seeds out. We have just finished building the small stone wall to protect it from the car, tractor etc.


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Since it’s rained the bulbs are coming up and this morning we discovered the saffron crocus are well on the way plus one early one gave us the first saffron of the year which is now in the drying tray.  The bed my wife planted is now covered in blue saffron crocus and has provided us with a good crop and there are still more to come paellas will be tasty next year.  The butternuts are doing well but nearing the end of the crop, however we have plenty to go till next year.  The beans are going along nicely but the potatoes didn’t amount to anything but there are onions down there.  The wild rose that grows in front of the septic tank is strong and healthy, and the other roses in the garden are not only recovering from the wasp attacks but grown new leaves and are in bud.  Violets are out and the anemones my wife planted are above the ground along with the other bulbs. As I have said before the seasons here are totally different to the UK.

I have also replanted the strawberries so that they are spread out more and they are not only flowering but have fruit on them.  I am getting on well with taking the top off the old cisterna the earth is being used to give some depth of soil to the new gardens and the stones to make the walls.   As I am writing someone is attacking the olive tree shoots with the secateurs, not liking the sound of this as it usually means something else is being planned ie., more garden walls……

Then one evening I had a call from our Petanca President asking if we were ok as no one had seen us since the BBQ.  So after explaining about our flu he suggested we went along on Saturday for a few games and supper, so I accepted after all what better way to spend a Saturday than playing petanca with friends and then enjoying a typical evening meal, neither of us can think of one.   We arrived around 3.30pm to find everyone there and that a few like us had been suffering.  Then we spent an afternoon in the sun after which we all sat down to eat.  Fresh bread, tomato’s, sliced dried ham, olive oil, olives and crisps.  What you do is this: First you cut the tomato in half, then you rub it over a slice of bread, next drizzle olive oil over that then place slices of ham on top eat and come again yummmmm.   After that we had hazel nuts with wafer biscuits filled with hazelnut cream, and coffee.   Along with the meal was a very decent red wine (see our wine blogs asoldierswind.wordpress.com) Pepsi and water.

So that I think will do for this new,  Tuesday the 21st of October was our birthday and we had one of our outings, so that and the Agricola Fira  will be for the next one.

© Michael Douglas Bosc





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Olly the owl is a small owl. Not just small in size but that is his title in nature. He is brownish with wide eyes and a knowing stare. We first noticed Olly when my wife saw a ‘baby owl’ sitting in one of the fir trees which grow alongside the drive and yes as always she named him. He sat perfectly still making little noises which convinced us at the time he was someones baby. Then he took flight and we thought he’d gone.

 A few nights later we were sitting on the roof beneath a bright moon, under the frame of the small gazebo watching the stars and looking for ‘sputniks’ sorry still stuck in that era; when I noticed Olly sitting there not taking any notice of us but looking for his supper. We sat there in rapture at being so close to him in his own environment and for the next 30mins we watched as he came and went noislessly gliding away then returning to survey his teritory. That was one of the many magic moments we have had here.

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