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Here They Go Again!!!

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The last time I gave you an update on these two they were finding out exactly what else they could chew their way through to escape. Well they found what they were looking for – the plastic catches on the main door!  I didn’t notice at first it was Michael who saw them in the act. They had taken one each and would cling to the bars whilst chewing at the plastic catches.  So it was no surprise to me when the other morning I noticed the large door was slightly ajar, on further inspection I discovered why.  The clips had not only been chewed through but completely broken and it was by a thread the last one was holding the door shut. If you take a close look at this picture you will see there are two clips at the top (bottom when its shut) of the open door, it is these that no longer exist.

IMG_0052 (640x480)

This is their cage, as you can see it’s nice and big so there is plenty of room for them to fly about in.  What else could I do but let them out into the fly free zone to fly around whilst we tried to fix catches.   The answer was supplied by clothes pegs.   Now in theory they should have worked, in practice? not a chance in hell.

IMG_0051 (640x480)

We found this out when Michael fixed the door open with two pegs then ‘Big X and The Cooler King’ flew around landing on the pillar tops and chewing at the beams.


They then decided that the plants looked good for having a go at, but I shooed them off as I didn’t know if they were safe to be pecked at, plus I didn’t want them damaged.  However, the bay tree seemed safe but true to form when I didn’t shoo them off they didn’t want to play.  Eventually they got hungry and returned to their cage so I closed the door and secured it with the pegs. Now the intention was that when we went to town Michael would be able to get a couple of ‘bird proof’ clips.  Not with these two!

When we went to bring them indoors they had managed to destroy one of the pegs, not only was it broken but the wood was completely destroyed.  So Michael took the spring from the peg and fixed it to the door so they couldn’t open it one side and pegged the other.  The response from the boys was to retire into their nesting box and sulk.  It didn’t take them long to destroy the other peg so I took the spring off that and fixed to the other side of the door and now that way of escape is blocked.  We can hear scratching noises coming from their box, as I have said to Michael they can make a hole in it but they needn’t come tweeting to me when they fall through it.

Now Michael had school so that evening so after we had brought them inside we got the wood in, made sure the fire was banked down so the house (they) would be nice and warm when we came home, shut the shutters, locked up and off we went. When we returned around 9pm after having dinner out, they set up a real squawking because we had turned the lights on…talk about cheeky.


(c)  Michael Douglas Bosc








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Introducing the Boys

20151007_135224 (640x480) (640x480)

Do not go ahhh they are not as sweet as they look but we love them.   I suppose I’d better start at the beginning.  There is a market in one of the little towns every Wednesday, and at the top of it is the pet stall.  Every time we went there Michael would stand and look at the birds. This time he went and looked at Bluebottle a couple of times muttering I really do like him, so I said if you want him buy him, which is how we came to go home with Bluebottle sitting in his cage in the front seat while Michael drove and I sat in the back.

DSCF5308 (640x480)

DSCF5311 (640x480) (640x480) DSCF5310 (640x480) (640x480) - Copy - Copy

At home he had the coffee table to sit on but as the week progressed he became quiet and a little uppity. So the next Wednesday we went back and bought Eccles – that’s right Bluebottle and Eccles!  Now as I have previously said, nothing we do goes exactly to plan and Eccles was no exception.  He was placed in a cardboard box with air holes quite secure so you can imagine how we felt when driving home he suddenly starts flying round the car – little devil had chewed his way out – so Michael pulled over and Eccles landed on his knee then sat on the dash-board which was how Michael was able to catch him. Once back in the box with my hand covering the hole he behaved, so the drive home was fairly quiet.  When we arrived home all we had to do was put him in the cage, easy….don’t you believe it.  Michael opened one of the cage doors held the box up against it and waited, and waited and well you get the picture and I know you’ve heard it before.

We are slowly learning about them and they are very different individuals. Bluebottle is both noisy and cuddly whereas Eccles is fairly quiet but also cuddly.  If one sits on a swing the other one sits on the same swing, so we got them one each waste of time they still sit on the same one.  They chase one another away from the seed trays, but when they think we are not watching they cuddle up together.   Night time is regulated by light, it gets dark they want to go to sleep, gets light and they want to get up and go outside.  We cover them with a blanket but I have to admit they love sport they will sit cuddled up on their mineral block and watch the tv. Michael thought they wanted to sleep and covered them over you should have heard them so that’s how we know they like tv.

During the day they are either outside hanging from the olive tree or in the fly free zone depending on the weather and wind.  The wild birds are interested in them and we have a Black Redstart that sits in the tree and shouts back.  You will probably hear a lot more about them as we go on, a trip to the Jardi Land is on the cards with ladders, bells etc., on the shopping list.

Talking of which must get the boys in as the winds getting up and they are swinging, stand by for shouting and squawking.  If either of them ever talk first words will be  SHUT UP!!!!


(c)  Michael Douglas Bosc



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