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My New Book 

This is my new book Drifting. It’s a cowboy short story which ventures into the unknown. Often things come to me when I am researching or reading other things this was such a time. It is not my normal style or subject, plus ghost stories are quite difficult to write and this was no exception.  As usual you start with an idea then build on it only now you have to remember the ghost, how it came to be and in some cases not reveal this until later in the book, whilst all the time including it in there.  Write and re-write came into this, as I would sometimes forget this rule, but I got there in the end and it has had some good responses – albeit the cover I first put out was the wrong one. As usual it’s on Kindle and Create Space as well as Books2Read.

The Wallow Hole


Remember these jokers? They who dug up my bulbs and ate all my saffron bulbs in the process. Well they have decided to make a wallow hole on the lower terrace.  Finding a good place for the camera was a little difficult as the tree has been pruned and the good branches for positioning the cameras have gone.  So I called Spurs into action but the position of the dish was wrong however the pump is just right and providing they don’t come poking around the photos are not bad.

After a windy night I have had to find another position for the camera but at least I have these shots of the little so and so’s. First is the wallow hole in daylight to give you an idea of its position. They have made this originally it was a small – very small – little trench which provided run-off water for two fig trees. We should have known better as the boar decided to use they as rubbing sticks and eventually killed them off.  Then this appeared.


So to the pictures of  the little gits having a bath and generally enjoying themselves.


(c) Michael Douglas Bosc – Author




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My Garden In A Nutshell

DSCF4761 (640x480)


DSCF4736 (640x480) (566x363)

Well the weather has cooled down a tad so I have been trying to play catch up in the garden. If you remember ‘Stalker Sam’ the little black redstart, you will know I have decided to dedicate the tree garden to my little helper. So I will start with ‘Sams’ garden.  Having cleared away the weeds and dug up the intrusive bulbs I found some crocus which were having a hard time growing through the leaves of the ‘intruders’  plus one or two Lilly’s still growing there. This made for drastic action on my part, a lot of soil sifting but at last the bulbs were out. I then re-planted the crocus at the front edge, looked for the mini Iris and Tulips and added them.  The bulbs in there are now small and will be left to spread, they will remind me of him and his little ways, I still turn to see if he’s watching me from round one of the trunks.  Mulch is provided by the olive leaves which the worms seem to like, and I have started a ‘weed liquid’ in a plastic bucket to provide nourishment.

The Wild Bulbs and Plants

043 (640x480) 058 (640x480) 062 006 (640x480) (2) 063  006 064 DSCF1320 (640x480) 82186FC[1] weather file-16[1] DSCF3880 (640x480) (2) (640x480) (640x480)

Most of what grows up here are bulbs, because they don’t need so much water. Therefore I have planted up quite a lot of the wild lilies we found when we moved here, and have since added Freesias, Tulips – green and black – Anemone  and Gladioli.  I have also moved into various beds Wild Gladioli, Grape Hyacinths, tiny Daffodils which were growing in the forest when we were clearing a fire break, along with the Iris, Lavender, Honeysuckle and Jasmine to name but a few.  I am only just coming to terms with the Asphodelus which grows all over the place like the lavender and rosemary, which at certain times of the year scent the evening air with their perfume. The oddest one so far is the one I have named ‘Carrot’ plant because its leaves are like the leaves of the carrot.

There are still a lot of plants out there that I have not got to yet but I’m a lady on a mission. So above are a few of the various plants and bulbs that I have found on the finca hope you enjoy.

My Robin


DSCF2434 (640x480)


Last but not least, people in the gardening club have been showing off their Robins, so I thought I’d introduce you to Bobbin.  This picture was taken whilst we were sat having coffee one year he was right under the table by my feet.  Through the years he, Boris Black Bird, Dangerous Dan the crested Tit and others have given us many a laugh with their antics. I think gardening is a good way to see nature, and here the garden is always evolving.  Plans that are made and often started in summer when its far too hot to work outside, are finalised or finished through autumn, winter and spring.   I have a lot of half done things and plans for others so from September onwards it will be all go.

(c) C A Bosc


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I have been chasing these little devils around my finca for ages.  No matter where I placed the cameras they avoided them like the plague.  Then one morning I was on the lower level and noticed that the ground had been disturbed and there were piggy prints all over the place.  So I went and had a cuppa and a council of war with the wife.  “Well” she said “there are several trees down there why not place a camera on one of them. Just one camera they won’t be looking for one”.  Poor soul she thinks the pigs can count….    Ummm now after this I am not so sure she isn’t right.  Anyway, I did as she suggested and these are the first pictures of the pigs and what’s more there’s a baby in there.

Oh Happy Days…..

HUNT0004 (640x480) HUNT0009 (640x480)

Ok so which is my best side??

HUNT0008 (640x480) HUNT0007 (640x480)

At long last we are at one with the forest.  The pigs are back now all we need to see are the goats to make it perfect. Oh dear here we go again, guess who’s just come in singing, we can’t get that dam song out of our heads. So all together now…”and there in the wood a piggy wig stood with a ring in the end of its nose, its nose, its nose, with a ring in the end of its nose”….  Happy Days…….

(c)  Michael Douglas Bosc




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A Little Moan…

Well here we are again in the wifi cake shop with a good signal so am able to use our photos.  I made the mistake of telling my wife she should put her photos on Google then we could access them from her tablet.  What I didn’t realise was that she has taken over 2,000 of them, Petanca, (however I understand she has those on disc) wines blogs, fiestas, garden, finca, Club Nautique and the birds etc., not to mention all the odds and sods. What I am not happy with is the length of time it is taking for Google to down load them all as she has taken to using my laptop (she’s feeding her dragons on her tablet now) anyway we are using the stronger signal here and it should only take another 27 hours?????  Not really.


DSCF4119 (640x480)

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go to petanca, so I dropped the wife off at the bar Casells so she could continue to down load the pictures and also get some work done (that didn’t work as the download was using so much of our wifi) plans of mice and men….   Anyway I had an enjoyable 3-4 hours at the club, we played several games with people coming and going every so often the sides went up and down but we had a good laugh I do enjoy my petanca.  Our president – second from the left front row – informed me that we had new t-shirts so this Saturday we will find out what they are like.  I am not sure if I will be playing in competitions this year we will have to wait and see, but if not I expect we will be visiting various places like the Camarque as I have always wanted to do that and it’s just up the road so to speak.

DSCF4787 (640x480)


 Criminalies Mentalies or Those Dam Piggywigs

Yesterday morning we took our morning wander round the house looking at the gardens and generally checking for signs of visitors.  The first thing I noticed was the flowerbed in front of the shed had large round foot prints in it and one of the violas had almost been up rooted.  This didn’t go down too well with my wife and when I suggested it might be the Wabbit  she pointed out Wabbits don’t root, worse was to come.  She had bought a new white rose to replace the one we lost and was so proud of the fact it had a really nice perfume, not all the roses over here have that.  Anyway we found the rose bush not only dug out of its spot but something had chewed at the roots, I quickly checked it over gave it plenty of water and re-plated it. Then turned round to find the bird bath I had placed in the Strawberry patch had been moved and the ground under it ‘rooted’ so I have now moved it up into the tree garden near the water tank.  Mind you they did dig up the ground in front of the tree but managed to knock some of the wall down.  My wife declared war on them and I set up a camera to try and ‘get the goods on em’ but the really are crafty little beggars.



Honey Candles

Honey Candles

This weekend was the annual Honey Fair at Perello so along with our friends we spent a pleasant morning wandering round the various stalls and exhibits.  I did not think there were quite so many stands/exhibits there this year as the main hall was really roomy.  I think it might have something to do with the cost of the plots which is 80Euros  a lot of money for some people.

Well that’s about it for this week, I shall keep you informed on the Piggywigs situation and who knows I might even have a picture or two hey who am I kidding.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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I am Whoopy Doopy

Well halloo,  my name is Whoopy Doopy  whats yours? I’m a Hoopoe bird although I get called a Whoopee bird by some humans (can’t think why). I know I’m a bit of a playboy, but no more than Boris, we have had our adventures let me tell you.

The Nectarine Groves in Bloom

Anyway,  I was recently minding my own business wandering around the Nectarine trees looking for bugs, when Bobbin Robbin called over and asked me if I would pose for some photographs for these humans. Apparently it would help him and the others get some freshly dug bugs and insects, why they couldn’t fly down here to the fruit trees I don’t know. The humans have been a bit late with the pruning because of the strange weather and the bugs and insects are in abundance.  I must admit that up there they do have the odd olives still on the trees, very good for a bird the odd olive.  Apparently the humans didn’t gather much last year,  anyway I digress. Well, I thought why not, it won’t hurt and it might make my fortune, the lady Hoopoe’s will love me.


The Over The Shoulder

So one afternoon she turned up wandering around camera in hand so I turned on the charm.  First I pretended to be shy and flew away, but not too far, and she crept after me. It was so funny to see that I did it again. But I soon realised that she would not play this game too often and might even go looking for another bird.   So I flew up into a tree and did  few poses, you know the sort looking over my shoulder and all that. 

Me Looking Studious

 Then some of me in the grass under the trees, where I thought I looked my best. One shot in part shade the other in the open (my good side)

Good Plumage and Colour

So now I wait for my first appearance on Bird tv and in Birdwatch Magazine.  Ohhh I can’t wait, all those gorgeous females… Look I have to go,  got to get my crest dressed, bye.

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Que pasa?

I stalk them here, I stalk them there,
I stalk those birdies everywhere.
In a bush or in a tree,
Those birdies keep ahead of me.
But I am crafty I am slick,
With my trusty camera I will click.
At last I cry I’ve got you mate,
Then look to see he’d flown oh great.
But at long last I have found,
The simplest way is stand my ground.
So in my chair beneath the tree,
No camera have I on my knee.
Then here they are all flying round,
And pecking at the stony ground.
Oh I give up I can not win,
It’s just not fair it’s such a sin.
So I’ll just sit here in the sun,
Watching the blighters having fun.

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I'm In Charge - Bobbin Robin

I have been living here for some while, well, perhaps a year or two, but the one thing everyone knows, including the humans, is I am in charge here.  I might not sing as well as Mr `Last Word’ Blackbird Boris, but I rule!  My name is Bobbin Robin by the by.

I'm Boris

This is Boris. As usual he is playing hide go seek, what he does not realise is he’s not very good at it.  Sometimes I have  trouble with Boris. You see his job is to wake everyone up at first light, no problems there,  singing his head off letting us know it’s daylight. The Humans think he is wonderful, its his night-time song, he insists on having the last tweet.  But even I have to admit that his singing as he calls everyone to bed is soothing.

However, once he is awake he sometimes squabbles with the other Blackbirds in the area round the ‘big house’.  So I have to remind him who is boss here, I might be small but I can hold my own. A few short shouts and a peck or two and peace is restored.

My Names McGrew

My assistant is a Crested Tit called McGrew, Dangerous Dan we call him.  He’s not really dangerous, but with that hairdo well, he has something to live up to, I mean with a quiff like that you wouldn’t call him ‘Big Mave’ would you.  Anyway he’s my number one, because he stood up to me one day but cried like a hen when I pecked him. 

But I like McGrew, he’s ok, he won’t tell when I go raiding or sort out the others, in fact he defends me. Well sort of,  actually he keeps me informed on where the best food is, I mean, you only have to look at him to know he’s got it sussed. 

In His `Crafty' Tree Seat

We have found some fun here lately. The humans have been trying to take a picture of me and Boris,  but we know when they are up and about so we dive from one place to another it really upsets her, she’s the first one out with the camera, he’s more sneaky though, sits in his tree chair pretending he’s not interested then click he’s got us. 

Mind you we may have over done it.  He was digging in the ground planting things, which was great for us all as we could get at the grubs and other insects; but he stopped yesterday, so I think we should let him get his picture then he might just do some more digging.

So I had a few words with the others and the results are these:

Who's A Pretty Boy Then?

Can I Go Now?


Things I Do For That Robin


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