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The village church left as a memorial

Today is Catalan Day.  There are celebrations for being Catalan as well as services in remembrance of those who died in the Civil War.  This morning the village relayed choral music over the public address system whilst in Mora D’Ebro the various groups including the Petanca Club gathered to lay their wreaths in memory of the fallen.

I was told last week that the reason for the monument, a black boat mounted on a plinth and planted with shrubs, is painted black.  During the civil war the bridges were destroyed so the wounded were ferried across the Ebro at night, hence the boat being black.  I was also informed that the monument is over a mass grave.  Whether this is true or not I do not know, but there are benches in the area and it is very peaceful, a restfull place to sit so perhaps it is true.

All I know is there are families gathered for a day together, with BBQ’s and large family meals, a typical Catalan way of celebrating.  The other thing that happens is the bicycle race.  This starts in Mora D’Ebro, goes along the river road before turning into the forest for a steep off road climb up the valley.  The route takes them past our finca so when we woke we took our teas and chairs to watch the riders pass. Sitting there in the early sunlight drinking our teas was a delight. The riders went by some in groups some in line plus the odd solo rider, all dressed in their racing colours and team logos.   The next one is usually in November.

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