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006 (640x480)[1]It’s been a couple of action filled weeks for us so I will start at the beginning, so grab yourself a coffee and I’ll tell you of the drama that unfolded that first Monday – oh and please forgive me if I chuckle a little things always seem funnier after the event and as no one was hurt well………


Monday arrived bright, sunny and warm.  So I thought we might as well go to the seaside and do the shopping on the way home.  Mrs B always enthusiastic for a trip to the seaside was up housework done and ready before I could turn round. So off we set around midday calling first at the hairdressers for her to make an appointment then off to Hospitalet.  We like it here, nice sandy beaches long and wide plenty of space, however today we had the beach to ourselves. After a short stroll along the water’s edge we went for coffee at El Pescador  the seafood bar/restaurant that faces the sea, sat in the shade and read the ‘menu de dia’  decided that it was very good and we would come back on Friday. However things decided – as they do – to conspire against us so it was Monday when we finally went it was well worth the visit.

DSCF4318 (640x480)

We had just reached the Club Nautique when a large rock fell into the road narrowly missing 5 ladies and their dog.  There were workmen placing netting then wire mesh over the cliff face and somehow a rock had been dislodged. Needless to say the ladies told the men what they thought of this  then walked off. We were behind them in the car so could not pass as the road was blocked, so I turned off the engine and we sat and watched as they tried to move it bending a very large crowbar in the process.  Finally they managed to break it into small pieces clear the road and we went home. Phew a few minutes earlier and I dread to think what could have happened.

20150204_090206 DSCF4785

Next thing to happen was the weather turned and we actually got snow!  Now please take a look at the first picture and that tree. Not very big you might think but believe me it was a tenacious beast.  I was clearing the rock face of scrub to make a fire break so had cleared round the roots which made it lean this I assumed would need one really good blast from the wind to bring it down not on your life!  We are not allowed to cut the trees down but if they fall down that’s ok,  so for a week we watched and waited for the event. The wind came howled and gusted not a movement then one morning a small puff of wind and down it came, sods law or what.  Now after all this time I wanted to make sure it really was down so taking a pickaxe I went to inspect boy what a hole and some large rocks so the wife is pleased as she can now make her wall round the rose garden double thick then the goats/wild boar wont be able to knock it over.

DSCF4819 (640x480) DSCF4822 (640x480) DSCF4820 (640x480) DSCF4821 (640x480) DSCF4823 (640x480)

Our first foray of the season into petanca began with a ‘clotcha’ breakfast at the club and the AGM.  First picture is of the cooks, last picture is of the setting and the others the rest of us enjoying breakfast and very good company. We had such a laugh and the games after were really fun even though they were as always serious.

DSCF4758 (640x480)

This is Sam, my wife’s little stalker, gardening friend and all-round bossy little sod.  He was part of our life for weeks then one afternoon we arrived home from town to find him lying on his back feet in the air dead. I didn’t think I would be affected by something so small but I was, my wife wandered around for days like a lost soul even the other birds were quiet for a couple of days.  We will and do miss Sam he will not be forgotten.  R.I.P. little Sam.

Right that’s enough for this piece of news. I have started on the next one which also has some more events.

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Summer!  We always know when summer is here, first schools are out then Club Nautique opens it’s river bar, and here you will find the young rowers who begin their training for the Muletta races in August.  But before that the club begins to wake, you pass there and see people in the boat yard checking the boats, the swimming pool area is being tidied up, and you find yourself looking towards the big doors just incase they are open. But they will stay closed until the summer holidays, ah well, still it’s the memories that sustain you.  Of nights sat under the awaning chilled wine or beer in hand watching the girls and boys row these large traditional wooden boats up and down the river where the flow is a very fast 6knots.  Somthing they do with an ease that belies the hard work and dedication it takes to move these boats. 

Although the boys are the predominant numbers there are a few girl crews and make no mistake, they are as committed and very very capeable of moving these boats.  We have watched them over the years and they are getting more and more confident each summer, so we look forward to seeing them do well this year.   

We were a little saddened last year when for some reason the younger generation did not stay at the bar as long as they normally do.  It is their chatter and sense of fun that I like, memories of my sailing days.  

Club Nautique it’s self is the equivelent of an English sailing club, except that the boats are mulletas, not dinghies the river here is a bit too dangerous with under currents, back eddies and other nasties out in the middle.  The local chlidren swim in the shore parts jumping from the jetty generally having fun.   

Then there is the tranquility of the river, of sitting under the awning relaxing as you look out over the flowing river, seeing the occasional fish jumping or a duck sailing around in the back water; or watching kiacs arriving on the far bank or the house martins teaching their young to hunt insects you can’t beat it. With a drink in hand and my old (sorry) sailing partner talking sometimes or just resting in each others company it is perfect.

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