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Well a lot has happened since I last wrote, some of it dramatic and worrying some of it normal forest life. Anyway I thought I would re-cap a little, well a lot actual

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First there was the forest fire in the mountains on the other side of the river which got out of control filling the sky with a cloud of smoke whilst at the same time dropping bits of ash on us further up river and making the night sky glow. Then it rained….. This was a great help and aided the fire fighters enormously. All returned to normal for a few days then the weather decided to turn decidedly erratic, several places here have had freak weather. Marca had an isolated hail storm which devastated the vines destroying some, so the harvest there is looking very bleak.

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My wife has been suffering from a prolonged case of the ‘sniffles’ due to the change in atmospheric pressure so on Tuesday I took her out to visit Club Nautique for the first time this year. Now they have been very busy there, laying a new floor and installing the new awnings. Anyway whilst we were there a thunderstorm passed behind the town next thing  we knew the float planes were off again going like the clappers yet another fire due to lightning. 20140616_190004 (640x480) We arrived home a short while later to find the planes hurtling back and forth over the house from the dam. Last year I painted our terrace roof white to reflect some of the heat in summer and it seems to be used as a turning point by planes and choppers alike, so white it stays. We have also seen on the tv lots of storms where it has hailed leaving the villages and small towns looking like a winters scene or war zone.  But then the weather settled down although it has been a bit cloudy, but stayed fine and sunny, any rain we’ve had was basically a sprinkling.    DSCF3369 (640x480) (640x480) Then my wife’s book of poems was published it’s out on kindle and in most on-line book sites as well as stores. I have now got my own domain, mind you building it is something of a challenge but I think I am getting there bit by bit.  It’s  michaeldouglasbosc.com and is mainly for my books and blogs, however there is another site when I get it up and running so keep a look out.  The Petanca season is in full swing but this year I have not won any hams just wine and dried sausages but my wife won our only ham the other week, so Christmas is looking good.  This weekend we are off to Tivissa for an end of season BBQ, if it is anything like the last one it will be very good.  We are taking the camera so the next news will have some pics there is also a blog on its way.



The garden is at its height as with the heat it will start to die back so my wife is busy building flower beds and things ready for next season. But I have to admit it is a bit disconcerting to hear scraping noises outside the bedroom around 6am but as this is the only time it is cool enough to work she has no choice. During the morning we look for stones for the walls but about 11am we have to stop as it is far to hot to do anything and at our ages it is not wise to be out there in the heat.  Mind you the other evening when we heard scraping noises we looked out of the window and there was Boris Blackbird scratching away in the olive tree garden for all he was worth.  Then we noticed Hunny Bunny on the slope so everyone is back and we are content. When it gets hot we grab a cooling drink and either write or as now watch the Tour d’ France (yep this is that old).  We rather like the cycling and were pleased to see the reception they got in London.  Well there you are, not exciting just fun and our daily life, although as you will see in the next news sometimes our characters are a little less wanted.


© Michael Douglas Bosc

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This is the river bar, only open in the evenings, It overlooks the river near the bridge which people have named the McDonald’s bridge because it looks like the symbol, only it has been here for over 80 odd years. The river bar is bright and relaxing, we sometimes go there after I have finished playing petanca as it’s near the courts.

Looking at these pics it does not seem possible that all is not calm, however it has been one of those weeks again. It all started when I woke on Saturday morning with a bad back. All the good work the chiropractor has done somehow got undone over night.  I have been a good boy, not lifted anything, just played petanca and taken my wife shopping.  I do enjoy our Wednesday trips to the market, then coffee after really nice.

After that we went to the Club Nautique bar for a drink as it was a hot day.  We sometimes stop here after petanca and watch the young rowers practice for the Muleta races. Normally they would have taken place a week ago but the new mayor of Mora D’Ebro cancelled the Mora Morisco, so no races or fiesta.  Anyway here are the boys and girls practicing.

As you can see from these pictures the boats are large and can be heavy to move but the smiling faces of the girls says how much fun they actually have.

So after a drink and game of draughts we went home. The rest of the week passed without any problems, but when I woke on Saturday my back was very painful, I really don’t know what I had done to it, but I watched  the F1 qualifier not too bad, bit disappointed in Maclaren though.

However, Sunday was another matter.   I think I mentioned that my wife won a Hammon, (this is dried ham) so just before F1 started I decided to cut some slices to munch while it was on.   Now the knives that are needed to cut these hams are razor sharp, the outside of the dried ham is rock hard, says it all really.  So suddenly, there I was arm in air, wife doing her oh my god he’s hurt routine. When I had finally convinced her that it looked worse than it was, (the blood on the kitchen floor and over the sink didn’t help) out came the nurses hat and the iodine… Oh how I hate that stuff it really really stings… That was bad enough but it was the alcohol she used to clean the wound that made me shout, well living in the country side you have to take proper precautions when silly old fools do this sort of thing.

So I have spent the week with a plaster on my finger, it came off today there will be a scar crescent shaped but hey battle scars are ok.

Anyway she rang the chiropractor and made an appointment, on Monday it was back to see the chiropractor and now it’s no petanca, again. There is a competition coming up next weekend  expect my wife will have to take my place in the team, they will win, hey ho….  But before that we went shopping into Carrefore, then to Lee Roy Merlin’s (that’s a bit like B&Q)  so what did I buy?  A nice chainsaw to help me cut the olive wood, strange really, my wife won’t let me use it, something about silly old fools and tools…..

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After a hard or tiring day put your feet up and and take a peek at these nothing strenuous just a few realxing reflections. Ones where the water shimmers, others where it’s a clear as glass, still and calm, oneday I’ll show all of them.

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Since I have not been doing the driving into town I have been able to sit in the passenger seat and watch the river while my wife drove. It was during one such trip that I noticed a heron standing in the same spot at the end of an island several days running, still as a rock looking for his dinner. He looked fit and healthy standing tall and still, until that is Monday, when I noticed he was out in the river up to his bum in water, why I remarked  did he have to move from what looked a perfect fishing site. My wife who when we were home in the UK chased several Herons from our fish pond, remarked that probably being true to form he’d been a right erbert and eaten all the fish in the shallows.   She hoped he could swim as there are some rather large cat-fish in the Ebro he’d make a nice snack for someone…

It has been some days now since I have been down the river road but the other day I saw Erbert sitting on some weed head tucked into his shoulders looking very sad. I did wonder if he had eaten all the fish in that small area of eddies, but later that afternoon things became clear. The petanca courts are by the river and I noticed a large flock of cormorants being buzzed by a fish eagle, who obviously  did not appreciate their greedy ways. So hopefully Erbert has an ally in him even albeit a strange one.

For several days now we have not seen Erbert at his usuall spot and were wondering if he had eaten all the fish there, however, we noticed the river has risen and his ‘perch’ was underwater.  So imagine my surprise when at the petanca courts I glanced across the river and there on the other bank with some Egrets was Erbert, like a swan in a duck pond.

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