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A while ago the Government decided to take more water from the Ebro by building a pumping station just above the weir north of Tortosa. There was a campaign to stop it, but never the less it got built. So now the river below the weir is basically just tidal, not a lot of fresh water reaches it, these days it looks as though there is no water flowing over the weir it is that little.

So what you ask.  Well last week litter bins were installed along the riverbank where social gatherings take place (picnics) along with large signs saying ‘do not throw rubbish into the river’.  The Spanish tend to throw allsorts into the river and apparently rubbish is blocking the pumphouse.

As you know, I play Petanca and as a result of the above the courts now have fine new rubbish bins next to them as well as the big sign.  Strange world isn’t it.

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