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Satellites and other Parasites of Solar Energy

Over the next six years a vast array of satellites will be launched the largest proportion will be communication. Starlink alone will be sending somewhere between 12.000 to 42.000 into space and the numbers will be accelerating as more commercial outfits muscle in on the internet and communication. After they have finished working, these items of space junk will decay in their orbits until gravity drags them down to the ground or sea. But this will take a minimum of twenty-five years for those that comply with regulations, however, most will not because they do not have to so more and more junk litters the sky becoming a danger to many other collectors of information.

One problem that has not been looked at is that all these objects will operate like a curtain between the earth and outer space preventing solar energy from reaching the surface of the earth. But how much? if it was just the satellites not such a big problem but they all have giant solar arrays of huge panels to collect energy to drive the people’s desire to talk endlessly and take stupid videos. On this basis how much heat and energy will be prevented by these internet monster from reaching the ground? what will be the effect on sea surface temperatures? will a new ice age begin and earth turn into a giant snowball. Today we talk about global warming and climate change because of greenhouse gases. But what will happen if you place a curtain around the earth, a curtain of electronic junk, cutting of the energy, the heat and the light from space or impairing it to such a degree you destroy life on earth?

To make matters worse energy companies are laying out thousands of Hectares of solar panels absorbing vast quantities of sunlight and preventing it from reaching the earth’s surface. When you add to this the millions of wind turbines taking energy out of the weather systems globally, which initially will seem like a small effect, how could these machines reduce the energy and heat within the earth? you ask, but eventually the cumulative effect becomes overwhelming. The question used to be how could coal fired generators alter the worlds weather, but that question was answered some while ago. Today the world and sun alone does not have an infinite ability to satisfy humanities lust for energy nothing comes for free, there is always a cost, there is no such thing as a free meal and that includes perpetual motion. We are always told that wind power is there to help the environment and to and keep the planet healthy, but the first wind turbines are being decommissioned as we speak. What American companies are doing is dismantling the machines cutting up the blades into manageable pieces and then digging giant holes and burying them. These blades are made of fibre glass and all they need to do is run them through a line of crushing rollers until all the resin is turned dust which can be recycled and the glass weave put into the furnaces but big money is not interested, “destroy the world” that is their moto.

Michael Biswell (Casandra)©

– Author    Michael Douglas Bosc

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I was reading an article regarding how physicists examine the structure of black holes and effectively what they use is a giant bath and pull the plug out this gives them the opportunity to examine the action of a fluid like movement but in a genuine black hole the mass increases and the rotation goes even faster with the mass constantly increasing therefore the speed of rotation must accelerate due to gravity pulling at the structure and with light being unable to escape some  parts of the vortex must be exceeding the speed of light and  in those parts the mass and gravity must be greater than in normal space as mass increases with speed and at greater than the speed of light its effect would be several times greater thus providing sufficient gravity to hold the galaxies together because in normal space-time galaxies should be spinning off and separating rather than being in a singular unit.

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This is me on my way across your sky, if I seem a little squiffy sorry but I have been to an interstellar party boy it was astronomical…. Everyone was there you know, asteroids, moons, odd bits that float around the galaxy looking for action.  Then there were these strange mechanical bits shoved up here by planet Earths lot, mind you one of them was a good dancer also sang quite well named Marvin so he said, had some of the earthlings on him, way out.  Every now and then we were buzzed by a rogue meteorite which was enjoying its self by bouncing of the atmospheres of various planets like mine. At one time it had some friends with it but they either got tired and burnt up or just bounced off in another direction.



Ooooooo I do feel strange, must have been that last solar flare, too much star-dust in it.  Oh well at least I can go to bed and sleep it off only have to have a small bit shining tonight.  Think I’ll make it a quarter well I mean I’m three parts gone so hey…..


Heylooooow  someones glowing tonight obviously had a right good evening, oh its me isn’t it.  Oops must remember to stay in orbit to many things whizzing around up here could give me a nasty headache. It’s ok for you planet Earth you’re pretty not grey like me, always said blue suited you, got no atmosphere to talk of so things don’t bounce off me too well.  Anyway I can go party you can’t shucks yah boo.


Look I’m  going backwards wheeeee  oh I can’t stop somethings pulling me.  Thats not funny Earth, you saw that comet creeping up on me  right, I wont be back tomorrow night so you can all stay in the dark, just you wait till I get back in orbit, just you lot wait hic………..

© Michael Douglas Bosc

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